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General Fitness

 –  Are you looking to get active or add variety to your workout routine? drugstore.com can help you get in shape or continue on the path to lasting physical fitness simply with general fitness DVDs. We have options for beginners and seasoned pros. Shop the selection of general DVDs now to find the latest in at-home exercise from leading experts in the fields of physical fitness and training.
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Are Fitness DVDs Effective?

General fitness DVDs are workout programs designed for home use. A DVD may feature one single workout or multiple workouts. Titles that include more than one workout may have routines that you can do on different days of the week. They may also feature routines that increase in difficulty, so that you can continue to challenge yourself as your fitness level improves. All physical fitness DVDs are led by one or more instructor. Often, these individuals are highly regarded trainers who have made a name for themselves by helping others become physically fit. Each physical fitness DVD has a specific focus. You can find programs devoted to toning and shaping certain portions of the body, burning fat for weight loss and more.

Cardio vs Strength Training

When you're comparing general fitness DVDs, you'll find that programs may focus on cardiovascular exercise, strength training or a combination of the two forms of exercise. Understanding the difference between cardiovascular conditioning and strength training will help make selecting the right DVD for your needs a simpler task.

Cardiovascular or aerobic exercise consists of movements that raise your heart rate and make you breathe more heavily. These types of exercises burn fat and help to strengthen the heart and lungs.

Strength training exercises build muscle to make your arms, legs, back and stomach stronger. Both cardiovascular conditioning and strength training are necessary for good health.

How Much Exercise Is Enough?

Many doctors and fitness experts recommend that adults get at least 150 minutes of moderate to intense aerobic exercise weekly and do two sessions of full body strength training per week.

Get Fit with DVDs

Fitness DVDs are very popular among men and women of all fitness levels for a number of reasons. Convenience is one of the biggest draws of fitness DVDs, as they can be used at home whenever you wish. Even if you have a busy schedule, you can likely find time to devote to completing a workout on a DVD, and you don't have to worry about weather conditions standing in your way. With a fitness DVD, you have the ability to customize a program by doing sections twice, skipping certain sections and watching parts over to learn how to do moves correctly.

How to Choose a Workout Video

When you're comparing DVDs, you'll want to consider the types of exercise featured on the programs, the lengths of the programs and their levels of difficulty. It is crucial that you consult your doctor before starting to use any new fitness DVD at home and that you follow the advice provided by the onscreen instructor in order to get the best possible results.

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