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Mass Gainers

 –  Gaining muscle mass requires a regular workout routine that focuses on strengthening the body, but exercise alone might not be enough to help you bulk up to the max. Good nutrition is also important for those hoping to have a strong, well-defined physique. At drugstore.com, we have a range of mass gainers formulated to help you ensure that your diet is rich in the nutrients needed for muscle growth.
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Are Protein Supplements Effective?

Every time that you work out, you strain your muscles, causing tiny injuries to the tissue. As your body repairs the damage done by the stress of weight-lifting and other forms of exercise, your muscle strength and size gradually increase. In order for your body to recover and properly generate new muscle cells, dietary protein is required. Protein supplements can help ensure that you have enough of this vital nutrient present in your body to assist with muscle development. Mass gainer protein supplements contain proteins derived from natural food sources like whey or soy. Often, they come in powdered form and can be combined with water or low-fat milk to make delicious shakes with flavors such as chocolate.

Does Creatine Work?

One of the most frequently used mass gainers on the market is creatine. This chemical is produced by the body and also found in certain foods. Your muscles store most of your body's supply of creatine. When stress is placed on the muscles, the creatine is used to help produce the energy required for your muscles to function properly. Some studies indicate that using creatine as a supplement may help reduce feelings of fatigue during high intensity, short-duration workouts, so that more reps can be completed and proper form can be maintained through every move. In addition, some research also suggests that creatine supplements may help promote the development of muscle mass. More research is needed to prove that creatine is beneficial for all athletes and fitness enthusiasts.

Blended Mass Gainers for Complete Muscle Nourishment

A wide variety of nutrients are required for muscle development and proper muscle function. While many of these nutrients can be obtained from the foods that you eat, people who struggle to eat well-balanced diets may be lacking in one or more of these nutrients. Many mass gainer products contain a blend of nutrients that can be beneficial for weight lifters and athletes. These products may also contain ergogenic aids, ingredients believed by some scientists to enhance athletic performance. Tryptophan, vitamins B12 and B6, zinc and DHEA are among some of the most commonly used ergogenic aids.

How to Use Mass Gainers

Because some ergogenic aids are known to cause side effects and may not be appropriate for those with certain medical conditions, health experts recommend consulting a physician before using any new mass gainer product. In addition, some athletic leagues, associations and organizations prohibit the use of certain ergogenic aids among participants in their events. Checking the rules for any type of competition in which you intend to compete will help to ensure that any mass gainer that you choose is allowed. Be sure to use the formula as directed by the packaging unless a health care professional provides you with different advice.

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