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Nitric Oxide

 –  When you have limited time to spend at the gym, you want maximum results for your efforts. Some people choose to use supplements with nitric oxide. At drugstore.com, we're pleased to offer a variety of supplements formulated with nitric oxide for convenient shopping. These supplements are formulated to "power up" your workout by potentially maximizing blood flow to your working muscles. No wonder personal trainers and weight lifters love them!
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Nitric Oxide Supplements

Trying to build strength and power? Choose from a variety of nitric oxide supplements to give your muscles the support they need during a workout. Discover nitric oxide supplements with beta-alanine, an amino acid some fitness trainers recommend for muscle stamina and endurance. They are often considered ideal for intense workouts. Some nitric oxide formulations come in a time-release formulation that delivers the ingredients in a slow, sustained manner for longer workout sessions. Give your muscles the support they need to get the most out of every workout.

What Does Nitric Oxide Do?

Some research suggests nitric oxide may improve exercise performance by increasing blood flow to working muscles and by aiding in muscle recovery. Based on this, some fitness trainers recommend nitric oxide supplements to clients to give them a performance edge. More research is needed to confirm these benefits.

Types of Nitric Oxide Supplements

Some nitric oxide supplements are designed to be used before a workout starts. Simply mix an appropriate amount of the powder with water and drink it 30 minutes prior to a workout. Nitric oxide supplements with added antioxidants help support cellular health. If you're following a low-carbohydrate diet, supplements are available that contain no carbohydrates. Some nitric oxide supplements are formulated with an ingredient called creatine, a compound that supplies energy to muscles. If you prefer a creatine-free supplement, a number are available.

Nitric oxide supplements are also available in an easy-to-take capsule form you take before a workout. If you follow a vegetarian diet, amino acids that support nitric oxide in a vegetarian-friendly form may best meet your needs.

Oxide-Enhancing Peptides

Some nitric oxide supplements contain nitric oxide-enhancing peptides. These peptides are formulated to boost the effects of nitric oxide on your muscles by as much as 950%. Serious athletes and bodybuilders take note.

What Is Agmatine Sulfate?

Other supplements are formulated with agmatine sulfate to help deliver nitric oxide and other nutrients to your hard-working muscles. Some bodybuilders use nitric oxide and agmatine sulfate supplements to aid muscle recovery after a workout.

Additional Nitric Oxide Supplements

When you work out, you may enjoy the extra energy boost caffeine gives you. Nitric oxide supplements are available with or without caffeine, depending on your preference. You can also choose from nitric oxide supplements that are free of milk or lactose, wheat, yeast or sugar. Also available are formulas free of artificial flavorings and preservatives. Supplements come in a variety of tantalizing flavors like fruit punch or custard crème you can mix with water or juice for a satisfying pre-workout drink.

Be sure to talk to your doctor before taking any kind of supplement. All supplements have the potential to cause side effects and may interfere with other supplements or medications.

Explore the nitric oxide options here at drugstore.com. We're here to help you in your quest to get in better shape.

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