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 –  Being active rather than sedentary can improve your health and quality of life in major ways, and many health experts agree that the best way to begin improving one’s fitness level is by walking more. To track your progress, you can use a small electronic gadget known as a pedometer. At drugstore.com, our selection of pedometers ranges from simple tools to count your steps to more advanced pieces of technology that can help you monitor your overall wellness routine.
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Is Walking Good Exercise?

Walking is one of the easiest forms of exercise for most people to accomplish, and it can be extremely beneficial to your overall health. In fact, research has shown that walking at least 5,000 steps (and preferably more than 10,000 steps) per day may reduce your risk of developing heart disease. Still, unless you are willing to count your steps while you walk, it can be difficult to keep track of your activity throughout the day without a little help. Pedometers have been around for decades and are very easy pieces of equipment to use for counting the steps you take. Recently, however, pedometers have made a major resurgence and are now more popular than ever before.

How to Use a Pedometer

Using a pedometer to count your steps is simple. Follow the instructions for how to attach the pedometer to your clothes or your body, and walk around as you would normally throughout the day. Before heading to bed at night, you can check your pedometer to find out how many steps you totaled, and compare that number with your goal. Your pedometer may also offer a direct conversion to let you know how many miles or kilometers you walked during the day. Counting steps with a pedometer is so easy that a number of popular diet and exercise programs use a daily step goal as one of their key components.

Advanced Pedometer Features

While all pedometers have the ability to track the number of steps you take, the relatively recent influx of new and advanced features that has been brought to these devices has made them extremely popular.

Several different brands of pedometers are able to sync with your computer or smartphone, and these tools allow you to track the number of steps you average over time. Some particularly high-tech products also calculate much more than just your number of steps. Many of these pedometers can be used to estimate the total number of calories you've burned in a day, for instance. You might even choose a product with a built-in atmospheric pressure sensor that can be used to count the number of staircases you climb on a daily basis. Certain pedometers have the option of being worn on your wrist like a watch rather than attaching onto your clothes, and some of these products can measure how much you move around at night while you are sleeping. In the morning, this data can be presented to show how restful your sleep actually was.

By setting a daily step goal that you can try to meet, it's easy to turn the arduous task of walking more into a fun challenge. Browse our selection of pedometers at drugstore.com to find the one that will get you started on the road toward increased activity.

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