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Performance Supplements

 –  Nutrition and exercise are really just two sides of the same coin, so to speak. For athletes who wish to reach maximum performance, nutrition is a must. At drugstore.com, we offer supplementation with essential vitamins, minerals, and herbal nutrients that may help you to reach peak fitness. We pride ourselves in being a leader in the online sale of top-quality health and wellness products. Athletes who shop with us at drugstore.com can find all of the high-quality supplements they’re looking for with the goal of achieving maximum results.
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The Role of Supplements in Performance

For years, performance supplements were relegated to the world of extreme bodybuilding. Endurance athletes might load up on carbohydrates, but they almost never turned to supplements to improve their performance. The tables have turned, however, and now performance supplements are not just used by competitive athletes, but are also being used by amateur athletes as well. In fact, critical care doctors have even begun to research how supplements might help critically ill patients bounce back from illness.

Performance Supplement Options

Performance supplements can be divided into any number of categories. Modern performance enhancing supplements are generally categorized as protein supplements, hormones, metabolic supplements, minerals and vitamins, and energy boosters. At drugstore.com, we carry a range of supplements in each category to ensure that athletes can get everything they need in one convenient place.

What Are Amino Acid Supplements?

Amino acid supplements like glutamine, lysine, and arginine are part of a broader category of protein supplements such as casein, whey, or soy protein that may be used by some athletes and fitness enthusiasts to help improve performance. These products are designed to give your body the raw materials it needs to build larger muscles, stronger bones, and enhance blood flow.

What Do Hormone Supplements Do?

Hormone supplements, sometimes called prohormones, are the precursors to hormones. They provide the body with the unique chemicals that it needs to build things like testosterone, estrogen, and the like. Growth hormone kits are a good example. Talk to your doctor to decide if these products are right for you.

How Do Metabolism Boosters Work?

Metabolic supplements are those that change the way your body uses energy. Examples include thermogenic products, which may aid in weight loss and fat burning. These supplements are commonly used to help increase rates of weight loss, but they can be used to potentially boost energy as well.

Vitamins and Minerals for Athletes

Vitamin and mineral supplements include nutrients like calcium, vitamin D, vitamin E, and so forth. They provide the body with raw materials for building strength and for healing. These supplements are especially important for building a strong immune system and for being able to bounce back after injury.

Energy Boosters

Finally, there are energy supplements, which comprise the broadest category of all. Some energy supplements may simply boost alertness and focus, making it easier to work out. Other energy supplements, like creatine, may actually impact how energy is stored and used within the body. This second category is important for improving stamina.

Words of Caution

At drugstore.com, we carry products from top manufacturers so that athletes can be sure the supplements they are getting come from high quality manufacturers. It is always a good idea to check with a physician before taking a supplement, to ensure that it is appropriate for you, won't cause side effects or interact with other medication. Performance supplements may not be for everyone and in some cases, the effectiveness of various supplements has not been scientifically proven.

Once you have approval from a physician, browse our performance supplements at drugstore.com. We offer products from top brands with the ease and convenience of online shopping.

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