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Plant Protein

 –  Achieving your fitness goals takes more than just regular workouts. Your body also needs nutritional support, and protein is one of the most important nutrients for athletes and exercise enthusiasts. If you're in need of extra protein to meet your body's needs, drugstore.com can help you complete your diet with a wide selection of protein supplements. We offer a large assortment of protein products derived from plants that are suitable for many types of healthy diets.
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Why Plant Protein?

Protein supplements are used to increase the amount of protein when not enough comes from food. Protein is one of the essential nutrients that the body requires every day to remain in good health. When digested by the body, protein is broken up into amino acids, which are needed to manufacture muscle cells to increase muscle size and to repair strains and tears that occur during exercise. Many athletes use plant protein supplements immediately after their workouts to restore protein levels quickly. Plant protein supplements can also be used prior to a workout, as meal replacements or at night to assist with muscle recovery that occurs while you sleep.

What's in Plant Based Protein Powder?

Plant protein supplements contain protein that is isolated from plants, and there are many different plants that can be used to produce supplement products. Many plant-based products use soy protein as their active ingredient. You can also find plant protein products made from hemp seeds, split yellow peas and rice. As you compare plant protein supplements, you'll find that there are options that contain just one type of protein and products that contain multiple plant proteins available. Products may also include artificial or natural flavors to improve their taste and make the supplements more pleasant to take.

Is Plant Protein Good for You?

There are many reasons why people may choose plant protein supplements over other types of protein products that are produced by supplement manufacturers. Individuals who follow a vegetarian or vegan diet opt for plant protein products because they are usually free of ingredients derived from animals. Those with allergies or dietary sensitivities to milk or eggs often select plant protein supplements in order to avoid the whey, casein and egg whites found in other varieties of protein supplements. Some people simply prefer the taste of plant protein supplements or find that they are easier to mix or use than other types of protein products.

Choosing the Ideal Plant Protein Option

If you have never used a protein supplement before, it is wise to consult your doctor before purchasing a formula. A physician can provide you with advice about how many grams of protein you should be consuming every day and how often and when you should use a protein supplement. Plant protein supplements provide different amounts of protein per cup or serving, so you can use your doctor's recommendations as a guide when you compare products to one another. Your doctor may also recommend that you use one specific type of plant protein over another due to your medical history and your specific dietary needs.

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