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Rice Protein

 –  When you exercise, you stimulate change in your body, but in order for those changes to occur as efficiently as possible, your body requires nutritional fuel. Many athletes and exercise enthusiasts have an increased need for certain nutrients, particularly protein. If you're struggling to consume enough protein every day to support your workout regimen, drugstore.com can help you bridge the diet gap and possibly promote better health. We have a selection of rice protein supplements that can help you meet your body's increased protein needs.
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What Is Rice Protein Powder?

Rice is a grain that is grown throughout many parts of the world and consumed as food. Many people think that rice is simply a starch, but all types of rice contain small amounts of protein. A rice protein supplement is usually made from brown rice. The grains are put through an extraction process, which removes the protein and certain other nutrients from the rest of the rice. What remains is a powder that can then be mixed with other ingredients to create protein supplements.

Why Use Rice Protein Powder?

There are many advantages to choosing brown rice supplements to ensure that you have an adequate amount of protein in your diet. Because rice is a grain and not an animal product, protein supplements that use it as a protein source are usually compatible with vegan and ovo-lacto vegetarian diets. Rice protein is very easy for the body to digest, and it is not associated with allergies the way the eggs, lactose and soy found in other types of protein supplements are. A serving of brown rice protein also provides the body with complex carbohydrates, nutrients that are burned to produce energy. This makes brown rice protein supplements ideal for use before workouts to fuel the body and after workouts to re-energize. Rice protein supplements also contain dietary fiber to assist with digestion and make the body feel fuller for longer.

Discover the Many Supplement Options

Rice protein supplements are usually powdered drink and shake mixes, but there are many different varieties available. You can find rice protein supplements in unflavored products and in mixes that contain natural and artificial flavors to give them a pleasing taste. Formulas vary in the amount of protein that they provide per serving and in the size of a single serving. You can also find rice protein supplements that also contain other types of plant protein, such as hemp protein or pea protein. There are organic options as well.

Is Rice Protein Complete?

Although rice protein supplements offer many benefits, the protein they contain is not complete. This means that it is lacking in some of the essential amino acids that the body provides. If you choose a rice protein supplement, you'll need to ensure that the foods that you eat supply enough of these key amino acids, or you may need to use other protein powders along with your rice supplement. Your doctor can help you put together the best diet to help you achieve your fitness goals and provide recommendations on how to best add a rice protein supplement to your diet plan.

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