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 –  When you look at the science behind weight loss, you realize that theoretically, shedding pounds should be simple. By simply consuming fewer calories than your body burns, you can encourage your body to burn stored fat to use as energy. Each time that your body burns 3,500 calories of stored fat, you lose a pound, and you'll continue to lose until you stop restricting calories.
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Although the process is simple, actually succeeding at dieting is anything but easy. Many people struggle to reduce the number of calories they consume because of hunger and cravings. Eating healthy meals is hard, particularly when busy with work or family commitments, and all too often, people stray from their diets for the sake of convenience. Others eat too little and cause their metabolisms to falter, resulting in weight loss followed by rapid regain. Clearly, our lifestyles and habits make weight loss a challenge, explaining why so many Americans struggle with their weight.

The Slim-Fast dietary supplement collection was developed to help make weight loss as simple as it should be. Since 1977, Slim-Fast has been helping busy people eat fewer calories, shed pounds and remain in good health all the while. Recommended by many physicians, the Slim-Fast system is a safe and effective method of weight loss when used as directed and combined with a balanced diet and an exercise regimen.

Since the beginning, Slim-Fast has been dedicated to making dieting as easy as possible. Instead of requiring people to weigh, measure or count their foods, the Slim-Fast system simply provides meal and snack replacements that are used throughout the day. For most people, two shakes and three snacks from the Slim-Fast collection along with one healthy meal per day are all that is necessary to ensure weight loss success.

In addition to simplifying weight loss, Slim-Fast helps to satisfy common cravings that can cause people to abandon their diets. The shakes and snacks come in a variety of delicious flavors, making them seem more like treats than diet products. Although they are tasty, Slim-Fast products provide complete nutrition, helping you to avoid the dietary deficiencies that often occur when people experiment with crash diets.

Slim-Fast shakes are available in two varieties. The ready-made shakes are convenient ways to stay on the plan when you're on the go, as you can simply open and drink them. The powders allow you to experiment with blending your own smoothies and shakes at home. In addition to the shakes, Slim-Fast offers delicious snack bars and meal replacement bars, which are perfect for eating on the run and for fighting hunger.

At drugstore.com, we make it more convenient than ever to get on the Slim-Fast plan and stick to it for continued results. We carry all of the favorite Slim-Fast products for you to buy online and have delivered right to your door. You can quickly find the shakes, powders and bars that you need to complete your healthy weight loss diet by clicking the links on the right-hand side of the page. Shop the Slim-Fast collection and check out our great low prices on every product!

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