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 –  Whether you are training for a race or refereeing a local soccer game, keeping time is an essential part of many athletic endeavors. In order to record times as accurately as possible, you'll need a quality stopwatch. Here at drugstore.com, our selection of stopwatches ranges from basic models to more advanced pieces of machinery, so you can easily choose the right one to fit your individual needs.
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How Do Stopwatches Work?

There are a number of common features you'll probably be interested in no matter what you plan to use your stopwatch for. Of course, the ability to time yourself or others tends to be the most important role of a stopwatch, and you'll want to make sure that the product has an accurate means of tracking time that has elapsed. Most stopwatches have timers and record times to the nearest one-hundredth of a second, but some give even more accurate readings. If you will be using the stopwatch to measure times during a race, then you might want to find a model that can keep track of individual laps as you go. Many of these products have a feature known as splits, which allows you to stop the recorded time for a single lap while it still keeps measuring the elapsed time of the overall event. Some stopwatches have a limited number of splits, but others allow you to record as many separate laps as you want.

Setting a Countdown Timer

Measuring elapsed time isn't the only reason many people use stopwatches in athletics. If you are a coach or referee, for instance, you might choose to set a countdown timer on your stopwatch to keep track of the time remaining in an event, practice, or game. Many stopwatches also have digital clocks built in so that you can tell the time and even set alarms as reminders.

The Importance of Durability

Some of the sporting events and activities that you might need your stopwatch for are going to take place outdoors, and they may require you to stay active while you measure time. For this reason, a number of styles of stopwatches are designed to be rugged enough for use even if the environmental conditions aren't optimal. Check for options like shock- and water-resistance as well as a lanyard that can be worn around your neck to allow you to use the product while in motion.

Advanced Stopwatches

While most standard stopwatches have all the basic features covered, more advanced products open up a wide range of other abilities. Many modern stopwatches, for instance, can pair with your smartphone so that you can record data seamlessly between devices. Other products include extra measurements, such as your heart rate, exercise intensity, and race pace. If you are a more serious athlete, you can use these recordings to track your body's performance while you train or compete in addition to being able to simply keep time.

No matter what type of athletic endeavors you participate in, it's easy to keep track of time effortlessly using our selection of stopwatches available at drugstore.com.

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