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Weight Control

 –  Physical fitness and healthy eating play a vital role in helping you reach and maintain an ideal weight. Whether you're working out to burn fat or to control your weight and keep it within a healthy range, drugstore.com has products that may be able to help you achieve your goals. We have many sports nutrition products developed for weight control that you can easily add to your diet to complement your healthy lifestyle.
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Metabolism Supplements

Your metabolism plays a role in burning stored fat when you work out, so ensuring that it functions optimally is an important part of weight control. Sports nutrition products formulated for thermogenics are made to help promote metabolism function. Often, these sports nutrition supplements, shakes and drinks contain stimulants like caffeine. Some studies indicate that stimulants can activate the nervous system and temporarily energize the body, which could assist with metabolism function and the burning of calories. Scientists are still studying how caffeine and other stimulants promote thermogenics and fat burning. At this time, there is not enough evidence to prove that any particular product is effective at helping all people lose weight.

CLA and L-Carnitine for Sports Nutrition

Two nutrients that are often used by athletes concerned with weight control are CLA and l-carnitine, and you can find many supplements and sports nutrition products that contain these ingredients.

What Is CLA?

CLA or conjugated linoleic acid is an essential fatty acid. Some researchers believe that CLA can help to improve the ratio of muscle to fat in the body; however, results from studies into the effectiveness of CLA have been mixed.

Does L-Carnitine Work?

L-carnitine is a natural chemical produced from amino acids. In the human body, it is used to help burn fat in order to supply the body with energy. This has led some scientists to hypothesize that increasing the amount of l-carnitine in the body through the use of supplements could potentially promote weight loss. Researchers are still studying l-carnitine to determine if it is a beneficial weight loss aid.

Weight Loss Herbs

For centuries, various food and herbal plants have been used as folk remedies for weight loss, and scientists have begun to isolate certain natural nutrients that may play a role in fat burning. Many products that contain these ingredients are available to supplement your weight loss diet. Some ingredients found in these types of supplements include chromium, pyruvate, garcinia cambogia, acai berry and raspberry ketones. Scientists are still studying the use of nutrients and herbs for weight loss, and so far, there is not enough research to know how well any particular product works for weight control.

Should I Take Weight Loss Supplements?

Medical experts recommend that anyone who is considering adding a weight loss supplement to his or her diet first talk to a health care professional for more information. Dietary supplements can cause side effects and health complications in some people. A physician can review your health history and what medicines you currently take and then help you decide which dietary supplement is likely to bring you the most benefits as you continue on the path to weight loss.

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