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Whey Protein

 –  Whether you're increasing your physical activity to lose weight or adhering to a strict training regimen to excel in athletic competition, your body needs adequate nutrition to help you achieve your goals. Individuals who work out frequently often require extra protein to support muscle development and recovery. drugstore.com has many supplement options available to help you supply your body with the protein it needs that you might not be getting from food. We stock a large selection of whey protein supplements with something to fit every diet.
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tera's whey Organic Whey Protein, Fair Trade Dark Chocolate- 12 oz
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What Is Whey Protein?

All protein supplements are designed to supply the body with additional protein, a nutrient that is essential for the production of muscle cells. Without protein, the body cannot add muscle bulk or help the muscles recover from the strain of a vigorous workout. Protein supplements differ in the types of protein that they contain. In the case of whey protein, the protein is derived from milk. Whey is a natural substance that is produced when milk is made into cheese. To produce protein supplements, the whey is dried and refined into a powder, which can then be mixed with other ingredients.

Why Use Whey Protein?

Whey protein is the most commonly used type of protein supplement, so you will find a wider selection of whey products than you will any other type of protein supplement on the market. Most people can easily digest whey protein, and the body is able to process and make use of the protein quickly. As a result, whey supplements are often used as post-workout recovery aids.

Does Whey Protein Help Lose Weight?

Studies indicate that whey protein may assist with fat burning, making it a popular choice for individuals who are working out to lose weight.

How Much Does Whey Protein Cost?

Because whey is produced during cheese making, it is widely available and an inexpensive source of protein. As a result, whey protein supplements are often more affordable than other varieties.

Isolate Protein vs Concentrate

There are two main types of whey protein supplements: concentrated and isolated. Concentrated supplements received 70 to 85 percent of their content from pure proteins. This type of whey protein is produced by removing the majority of the nutrients that are not protein from the powdered whey. Isolate supplements are further processed to isolate the protein and remove even more of the non-protein nutrients. The extra step in the manufacturing process makes whey isolate more expensive but also makes it up to 95 percent pure protein.

Which Protein Powder Is Best?

As you compare whey protein supplement options, you'll want to consider the flavor and the amount of protein contained in a single serving. Whey protein comes in a large assortment of flavors and in unflavored varieties. Your doctor can help you decide how much protein your supplement should provide, and you can use this information as you compare products.

Is Whey Protein Bad for You?

Because whey protein is made from cow's milk, it is usually not recommended for individuals who are lactose intolerant. In addition, whey supplements are not conducive to a vegan diet; however, vegetarians who consume dairy products may still be able to use most whey protein supplements.

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