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 – Creating innovative skin care solutions for twenty-five years, the EltaMD brand has a long history of proving their commitment to the provision of quality wound healing and protective formulas. This brand continues to deliver quality formulas that help individuals maintain healthy skin throughout their lifetime.
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EltaMD’s products are designed to accomplish a variety of purposes. One of these is to assist in restoring the healthy nature of skin that has been damaged through burn trauma. As part of their efforts to enhance the treatment of people with damaged skin, EltaMD works in conjunction with non-profit groups and healthcare professionals to assist young individuals who have suffered burn damage to their skin. Many of their products are used at rehabilitation clinics, burn centers, hospitals and short-term and long-term care facilities.

Another aspect of the EltaMD brand is its emphasis on the provision of effective skin and sun care products for the encouragement of a healthy complexion. This focus includes both protective formulas that guard against UVA/UVB damage as well as solutions that cleanse and moisturize the skin to encourage healthy skin cell turnover.

EltaMD’s line of skin care products span a wide range of solutions that address the needs of different types of skin during different phases of life. Each of these products has gone through rigorous research methods to ensure their effectiveness and high performance capabilities in meeting their primary goals.

Using quality sunscreens to protect the skin from sunburn is a strategy that helps minimize the likelihood of developing skin cancer. This is particularly true when sunscreens are used regularly and in conjunction with additional strategies that can help you to keep your skin safe from sun damage. For example, wearing wide-brimmed hats and staying in the shade can also minimize the risk of developing skin cancer.

EltaMD formulated its sunscreen products with transparent zinc oxide, making them user friendly for wearing. They are also non-comedogenic, so these sun-protectant formulas are not likely to clog the pores. Choosing the right kind of sunscreen product (one that meets the needs of your skin type) is the best way to keep your skin safe from the type of harm that the sun’s rays can create. EltaMD offers many types of sunscreen products, including tinted, lightweight, oil-free, moisturizing facial and/or body, broad-spectrum, and water-resistant sunscreens.

Drawing from a belief that healthy skin helps to minimize the appearance of signs of aging, the EltaMD brand provides a comprehensive array of products designed to keep your skin cleansed, moisturized, and protected. Offering a pH-balanced formula that is also oil-free, EltaMD’s deep pore cleanser delivers a foaming action that gently lifts away dirt and grime without irritating the skin. It’s able to do so by avoiding the inclusion of glycolic acids and AHAs in its formula.

EltaMD’s moisturizers, lotions, and soothing balms for post laser treatments are formulated to offer non-comedogenic solutions that gently relieve irritation, flaking, and redness occurring from natural causes as well as from certain types of dermatological or medical procedures.

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