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Fallene Total Block

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Fallene Total Block

 – Staying safe from damaging ultraviolet radiation is one of the true fundamentals of quality skin care. Most importantly, protecting yourself from overexposure to sunlight can reduce the risk of skin cancer. At the cosmetic level, sun-damaged skin can display the many symptoms of aging ahead of their normal onset. Fallene Total Block sunscreens offer some of the most comprehensive sun-protection options on the market – and some of the most reliable options for anyone with particularly sensitive skin.
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Fallene, Ltd. stems from the vision of a physician and a pharmaceutical chemist, who founded the brand in 1989 to provide broad-spectrum sun protection to people especially vulnerable to ultraviolet radiation. The Fallene collection, including Total Block and COTZ products, now addresses both the prevention of photo-damage as well as the restoration of previously sun-degraded skin, with options for both mineral and chemical sunscreen agents.

The Perils of Sun Overexposure

The kinds of solar radiation most worrisome to humankind are ultraviolet A (or UVA) and ultraviolet B (or UVB). There's a third variety of ultraviolet light, UVC, that is devastatingly powerful but, thankfully, blocked from reaching the Earth's surface by the atmosphere's ozone layer in most areas of the world. UVA and UVB occupy different wavelength spectrums: 400 to 320 nanometers versus 320 to 290 nanometers, respectively. The more common (by far) and deeply penetrating is UVA, thought to be associated with premature skin aging and some skin cancers. UVB doesn't enter the body as deeply, but can provoke sunburn.

Aside from the effects of skin cancer, long-term symptoms of sun exposure include wrinkles, discolorations, loss of firmness, and other characteristics of a prematurely aged complexion. Most people are familiar with the short-term consequences of UV damage, namely the red, painful condition of sunburn.

Layers of Protection

The Fallene approach to sun-protection is comprehensive and fine-scale. Its Total Block technology counters radiation at both the physical and chemical levels, depending on the specific product. Nanoparticles in a variety of different sizes reflect incoming sunlight, while several soluble organic compounds form an absorptive sunscreen front. Also involved in the mix are antioxidants such as vitamins C and E that neutralize free radicals, thought to promote premature skin aging.

With its unique cellular reparative action, the Total Block line doesn't just address dermatological damage incurred from ultraviolent radiation, but also from wind, environmental pollutants, and other external stressors.

The Sun Protection Factor, or SPF, of a given product reveals its relative ability to shield skin from UVB rays in particular. (There isn't a standard measure for UVA-blocking performance.) You'll most commonly see sunscreens and associated products with SPFs of 15 to 50+, the higher ratings representing more thorough protection. Fallene sunscreens range up to an SPF of 65.

It's always important to keep in mind that sun-protection doesn't end with a UV-countering skincare product. You should also cover up with clothing (including a wide-brimmed hat) and UV-protective sunglasses, and avoid exposure to direct sunlight during its most intense hours—usually late morning through mid-afternoon.

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