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Accessories, Bags and Filters

 –  The cleaning appliances in your home require regular maintenance if you want them to remain effective at targeting dirt, hair, dust, and other allergens. Often, proper care involves replacing certain parts and accessories when they start to get worn out. Here at drugstore.com, we have a wide selection of accessories, bags, and filters for your vacuum cleaner or steam cleaner. You can use these products to help keep your household appliances running as well as possible.
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Vacuum Cleaner Care

Vacuum cleaners feature a complex network of components that need to work together perfectly to ensure optimal cleaning power. Two of these components--the vacuum bag and filter--need to be changed regularly according to the maintenance schedule laid out in your appliance's instruction manual. You should remember that vacuum bags don't have to actually be full to warrant replacement. Since air needs to be able to pass through the bag at high speeds to help your vacuum trap dirt, a product with a bag that is only one-third to half full might still have trouble functioning properly.

Bag and Bagless

Vacuums with and without bags both typically have filters that assist in the process of separating dust, hair, and other household grime out of the air that passes through the appliance. Your particular vacuum might have multiple filters, in fact, depending on how its mechanism works. Models of vacuums vary, and some have reusable filters that simply need to be washed when they get dirty while others need their filters periodically replaced. Bagless vacuums and wet/dry vacuums usually rely on the filter as their primary means of cleaning, and these filters might need to be replaced more often than the ones on a vacuum model with a bag. Most problems that send vacuum owners to the repair shop can actually be avoided as long as you keep up with the simple maintenance schedule at home.

Parts and Accessories for Steam Cleaners

Steam cleaners are among the most popular varieties of floor care appliances because they can be used to disinfect your flooring in addition to cleaning. Since these products lift up dirt and germs from the floors by projecting steam onto tiles, wood planks, or laminate, the pads they feature tend to get very dirty. Most steam cleaner pads are machine washable, but they are often only able to survive for a few washes before replacement is necessary.

Tips for Appliance Maintenance

When shopping for replacement accessories like filters, vacuum bags, or steam cleaner pads, it's important to find a product that is approved for your brand and model of appliance. Just because a replacement seems like it will fit your vacuum doesn't mean that it will work correctly, and it's possible to accidentally break your expensive appliance if you use the wrong accessories. Always unplug your appliance before installing a new accessory to avoid electric shock, and carefully follow all the instructions so that you can be sure the replacement parts are secured correctly.

It's easy to find the bags, filters, and/or accessories you need for your vacuum or steam cleaner when you browse our assortment of options here at drugstore.com.

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