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Air Purifier Filters

 –  It may seem counterintuitive, but indoor air pollution (IAP) can be more of a problem than outdoor air pollution. For anyone suffering from allergies or respiratory illness, the quality of air in a home is critical. At drugstore.com, we offer a variety of air purifying filters designed to remove molds, allergens, and other contaminants from the air in your home. The products we sell can help clean and purify the air you breathe to potentially promote better comfort and health.
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Indoor Air Contaminants

According to the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), indoor air pollution can result from high levels of radon, mold, humidity, smoke from tobacco, smoke from burning wood, microbes, and more. Even the products we bring into our homes, like furniture, building materials, and personal care items, can contribute to indoor air pollution.

What Causes Indoor Pollution?

Contaminated and polluted air can cause a number of health problems. The biggest cause of IAP is poor air exchange with the environment outdoors, which allows pollutants to build up inside of our homes. In fact, the more airtight a home is, the more it is likely to collect allergens and other pollutants. There are two ways to address this problem: let more air in from outside or clean the air that is already in your home. Obviously, letting in fresh air is difficult during certain times of the year, which means that cleaning the air in your home is essential to keeping it healthy and free of pollutants.

Air Purifier Filters

The problem of IAP has become significant enough to warrant special attention from the EPA. The agency has created the airPLUS qualification, which is applied to homes that are designed to keep moisture, mold, pests, and other pollutants at a minimum. One of the main features required for a home to achieve the airPLUS certification is an air purifier system.

At drugstore.com, we carry a range of air purifier filters that can be used in your central heating and air conditioning (HVAC) system along with filters for use in stand-alone air purifier systems. Our filters can remove everything from mold and pollen to cigarette smoke and microbes. The filters we offer come in several different configurations to address different aspects of indoor air quality.

Carbon filters are great for removing odors and chemically reactive substances like radon. HEPA filters are necessary for removing small particles, like allergens and microbes. Many filters are made up of layers so that one layer removes large particles that would clog finer layers, like HEPA layers, that remove smaller contaminants. Our filters are designed to fit a variety of applications, including many different sizes of home HVAC systems. Consult your system manual to determine what size filter is right for your system.

Healthy Air

During the months you can open the windows, we encourage you to do so to improve air exchange and reduce IAP. When you can't open your windows, we are ready with a variety of air purifying filters to meet your specific needs. Clean air translates into improved comfort, improved health, and improved mood. Don't wait to purchase your filters until the weather forces you to shut windows. Stock up now and be ready to maintain the quality of air in your home when the time comes.

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