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Bathroom Cleaning

 –  Of all the rooms in your home, the bathroom tends to be the one that accumulates dirt and germs the fastest. To help protect your family's hygiene, it's important to clean all areas of the bathroom--including the toilet, sink, countertops, and bathtub or shower--regularly. Here at drugstore.com, we have a wide selection of bathroom cleaning products. You can choose between bleach or non-bleach chemical cleaners as well as natural options, depending on your own personal preferences.
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Cleaning the Toilet Bowl

You'll find three general categories of products for cleaning the inside of the toilet bowl. The style of cleaner that is applied via a liquid or gel to the inside rim of the basin typically drips down the sides and coats the bowl. After letting this type of product sit for several minutes, you can use a toilet brush to scrub the bowl and remove residue.

Another style of toilet bowl cleaner combines the brush or sponge and the cleaning solution into one product. These cleaners typically involve disposable cartridges that can be used to wipe the inside of your toilet bowl and then thrown away. The third category of products cleans the toilet constantly over time rather than requiring a dedicated cleaning session. These cleaners are available in forms like tablets you can drop into the bowl or dispensers that sit in the water and release chemicals on their own.

Products for the Shower and Tub

To remove dirt and grime from your shower or bathtub, you can choose between products like sprays, foams, and powders. Simply apply these cleaners to your bathroom surfaces and then use a brush or sponge to wipe away dirt. Some products are designed to get rid of residue without requiring you to scrub, while others work best when combined with a more abrasive sponge and some elbow grease.

Tips for Eliminating Mold and Mildew

Another type of product is designed to help prevent the growth of mold and mildew and the accumulation of dirt in the first place. These cleaners can be sprayed after your bath or shower to speed drying time and get rid of microorganisms before they have the opportunity to flourish. Make sure to read labels when picking a product, and choose one that is specifically recommended for the building materials in your bathroom. For instance, you may need a special type of cleaner if your shower features tile, granite, or glass in order to avoid damage.

Bleach, Non-Bleach, or Natural Products

When it comes to the actual cleaning agents in the products you choose for your bathroom, you'll be able to choose between cleaners that contain bleach, those that are bleach-free, and natural options that are formulated with botanicals. While bleach is an extremely effective disinfectant, some people prefer not to use this common chemical if they can avoid it. Non-bleach cleaners still use chemicals to cut through dirt, but many of them feature less abrasive options like hydrogen peroxide. Natural cleaners replace some or all of the chemical ingredients with agents derived from plants or flowers, and they are a great option if you are dedicated to a green lifestyle.

Keeping your bathroom clean is an easy task when you use the variety of products available from drugstore.com.

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