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 –  When you add up all of the time spent in the space, the average person is in their bathroom for the equivalent of two full weeks out of every year. You can make those moments spent in the bathroom as pleasant as possible by ensuring that your space is clean and that you have the right decor and accessories. At drugstore.com, we carry everything that you need to create a welcoming, sanitary environment in the bathroom for your family.
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de-luxe BAIN Liquid Soap, Vanilla Citrus- 17 fl oz
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Lysol Power Toilet Bowl Cleaner with Rust & Lime Remover- 24 fl oz
Lysol - Power Toilet Bowl Cleaner with Rust & Lime Remover - 24 fl oz
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Soaps for Cleaner Hands

Washing your hands after you use the bathroom and perform bathroom-cleaning tasks can go a long way toward protecting your health. Studies have found that hand washing reduces the spread of colds and other respiratory illnesses by 24 percent and stomach-related infections by 31 percent. Having hand soap available on the sink in every bathroom of your home can help your family stick to a healthy hand-washing routine. There are many different options available to meet your needs. Antibacterial formulas contain ingredients that kill many of the bacteria that cause illnesses, while moisturizing formulas cleanse the hands without over drying the skin. You can find cream and gel hand soaps in many different fragrances, and there are even natural products available for those who prefer green skin care products.

Products for the Tub and Shower

Many people do not realize that the bathtub is home to more germs than many other places in a home. Near the drain of a tub, there is an average of 134,630 bacterial cells per square inch, making it important that you take steps to keep your tubs and showers clean. You can find many types of surface cleaners that help to eliminate germs and make showers sparkling clean. There are also products designed specifically for removing mold and dirt from the grout between tiles.

Solutions for Cleaning Your Toilet

Studies show that the toilet is the dirtiest place in any home with an average of 3.2 million bacterial cells residing in every square inch of the bowl. As a result, you simply can't underestimate the importance of keeping your toilet clean. You can purchase bowl cleaners for scrubbing out the inside of your toilet with a toilet brush. Some liquid cleaners also help to remove rust and lime and can be used to address stains. Drop-in cleaners that slowly release cleaning agents into the bowl over time are also available for promoting a cleaner toilet between scrubs.

Other Bathroom Cleaning Products

There are many types of cleaning products that could be beneficial for your bathroom cleaning routine. You can find products designed for cleaning sinks, counter tops and bathroom floors to remove germs and impurities. If water is flowing slowly down the drain in the sink, tub or shower or the toilet is not flushing properly, clog fighting liquid cleaners are available to help remove build-up from the plumbing. You can also purchase multi-purpose bathroom cleansers that can be used on many different surfaces in the bathroom in order to simplify cleaning. Finally, you may wish to purchase bathroom air fresheners to keep the room smelling great.

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