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 –  How many minutes each day do you spend in your car? The time spent with your daily commute, running errands and taking trips with your family adds up quickly, and because you spend a lot of time in your automobile, you want to keep it looking great, feeling clean and smelling fresh. drugstore.com can help simplify auto care for all types of vehicles. We have everything that you need to clean your car inside and out with the ease of online shopping.
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Supplies for Cleaning the Exterior

Your car is subjected to the elements every time that you drive and park it in an outdoor lot or along the street. Dirt from the environment, salt and grime from the road, waste from birds and bugs can all accumulate on the surface of your vehicle, leaving it looking unattractive. Washing your car at home can save you the expense of visiting the carwash, and you can make DIY car washing easy with the right cleaning products. You can purchase soaps and cleaners for cleansing the steel, chrome and glass on the exterior of your car and the rubbery surfaces of your tires. There are even special cleaning tools like brushes available to simplify car washing.

Dealing with Exterior Rust

That scaly, crusty discoloration that is commonly known as rust can make your vehicle look unappealing and damage the metal and chrome on its exterior. Rust forms when metals combine with oxygen and moisture, causing a chemical reaction that corrodes the metal. If left untreated, rust typically worsens over time, making it important that you address it quickly. Using a rust remover when the first signs of rust appear on your vehicle may help to spare you the expense of costly professional car repairs.

Products for a Cleaner Interior

A clean car interior makes every drive more comfortable whether you're the driver or the passenger in a vehicle, and there are many products available to help you get the interior of your car spic and span. Special vacuum cleaners are available to plug into your car's cigarette lighter to make it easy for you to remove crumbs, dust and other debris from the upholstery and floors. You can also purchase spray cleaners for cleaning different parts of your interior, such as leather or vinyl seats or the dashboard. If you're purchasing liquid cleaners, it's a good idea to read the product descriptions carefully before selecting a product. Not all interior car cleaners can be used on all types of surfaces.

Solutions for Fighting Odors

Bringing home takeout, hauling certain items or leaving belongings inside of your vehicle can all lead to unpleasant odors developing inside of your car. Fortunately, there are solutions available to make cars smell more pleasing for drivers and passengers. Car air fresheners are designed to stand up to the temperature extremes inside of vehicles and fill the air with pleasing smells. Some varieties feature special clips that allow them to attach to the air vents in the dashboard, so that the air that flows into your vehicle is pleasingly scented.

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