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Cloths and Wipes

 –  What's lurking on the hard surfaces in your home? Bacteria, dust and dirt of all kinds can be found on counter tops, inside of sinks, on your floors and on many other surfaces. Fortunately, you can eliminate these impurities and germs with the right cleaning supplies. drugstore.com makes dealing with dust and sanitizing your home simple with a wide selection of wipes and cloths. We have something that is ideal for every cleaning task from multi-purpose products to surface-specific supplies.
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Cottonelle Flushable Cleansing Cloths, Fresh Care, Refills, 8 pk- 42 ea
Cottonelle - Flushable Cleansing Cloths, Fresh Care, Refills, 8 pk - 42 ea
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General Use Cleaning Cloths

Cleaning cloths are fabric squares or rectangles that are used for wiping hard surfaces clean. Many of the cloths that are available on the market are made for use on all types of hard surfaces. Often times, these products are used along with cleaning solutions, such as multi-purpose spray cleansers, glass cleaner or tub and shower cleaner. There are many different types of cleaning cloths available on the market. Some types are designed for reuse again and again and can be laundered in a washing machine. Others are intended for use just a few times before disposal. You can even find general use cleaning cloths that are biodegradable and designed to be flushed down the toilet when they become soiled.

Scrubbers and Sponges for Numerous Tasks

Scrubbers and sponges offer other options for cleaning hard surfaces in your home. Scrubbers have a rough texture that creates friction when rubbed against a hard surface. This friction can loosen dirt and debris that is stuck in place. For example, you may use a scrubber to remove something sticky from a counter top or to clean burned-on food particles from a pot or pan. Sponges are made of a porous material that absorbs water. This makes them excellent for cleaning tasks that require plenty of soap and water, such as dishwashing or wiping off a table after a meal.

Surface Specific Cleaning Cloths

Some cleaning cloths are made for very specific cleaning tasks. In many cases, the cloths are designed to not damage a delicate material that could become scratched or damaged by general use cloths. Other times, cloths are crafted out of unique materials that make them ideal for completing a certain type of job. An example is a floor cleaning cloth that uses static electricity to lift debris off of hard flooring surfaces.

Wipes for Simple Cleaning

Wipes are a unique type of cleaning cloth that provides the benefits of wet cleaning without requiring you to use a separate cleaning solution or water to get the job done. Pre-moistened with a cleaning solution, wipes are disposable towelettes that are used for a single task and then thrown away. You can find many different types of cleaning wipes available on the market with multi-purpose and surface-specific options offered by manufacturers. Some wipes are disinfecting products, meaning that they contain ingredients that kill germs. These wipes can be used to keep counter tops, sinks and other areas in your home sanitary. Often times, cleaning wipes come in different fragrance varieties to please the senses while removing dirt and other impurities.

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