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Dusting and Polishing

 –  If you want your home to look its best, dealing with dust is a must. A dusty home isn't just unsightly; the fine particulates in dust can irritate the respiratory system and trigger allergies in some individuals. Fortunately, you can bust the dust with cleaning products sold here at drugstore.com. We have solutions for removing dust and polishing all types of surfaces in your home, so you can stock up on cleaning supplies without having to head to the store.
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Where Does Dust Come From?

Dust is the enemy when you're on a mission to have a perfectly clean home, but just what is dust? Dust is a collection of particles that settle out of the air. In the average home, dust is a mix of shed skin cells, crumbs from food, fibers from fabrics and bits and pieces of dead insects. There is no way to prevent dust from forming in your home, as it is a natural part of the environment around us. Still, you can keep surfaces in your home from looking dusty with frequent cleaning using high quality dusting products.

Options for Dealing with Dust

The good news when it comes to dealing with dust is that there are many different types of products available to assist you. This ensures that you can find a solution that is ideal for your home. If you're pressed for time and need to keep your cleaning routine simple and fast, you can purchase dry dusting cloths, which have tiny fibers that trap fine particulates. You can often reuse these cloths several times before they will need to be replaced. Handled dusters are similar to cloths in that they use dry fibers to attract dust particles; however, the handles have the added benefit of helping you to access out-of-reach spaces. Pre-moistened dusting wipes are another convenient option. These towelettes wipe away dust and are then thrown away after a single use. Prefer traditional wet dusting? There are many liquid spray products that you can use with rags to remove dust from all types of surfaces.

Polishing Products for Restoring Shine

Even if you dust regularly, many surfaces in your home can begin to look dingy due to fingerprints and the effects of oxygen. Polishing products can help you to remove spots and films and restore an attractive shine to all types of surfaces. These cleaning products tend to be formulated for use on specific materials. Options include stainless steel, wood, brass and granite cleaning solutions. You can also purchase polishing products to help you care for specific items around your home, such as leather shoes, metal jewelry and electronics.

Using Dusting and Polishing Products Wisely

Because some types of surfaces can be damaged by the wrong cleaning products, it is a good idea to carefully read product descriptions to ensure that what you're purchasing is safe for use on whatever you need to clean. Following the directions listed on the packaging of the cleaning products that you select will help you to get the most out of their dusting and polishing powers.

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