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Energy, Endurance & Hydration

 –  Strenuous workouts can help you build muscle, burn fat and improve your cardiovascular function. However, they also can take a toll on your body. Vigorous exercise can leave you short on energy and dehydrated from sweat, making it important that you replenish lost fluids and get the right nourishment after your workouts. drugstore.com can help you support your workout routine. We carry a wide selection of delicious natural solutions to assist you with boosting energy, increasing endurance and rehydrating your body.
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The Natural Food Advantage

There are many solutions for athletes and exercise enthusiasts available on the market today. Often, these energy, endurance and hydration products contain additives like artificial flavors, chemical preservatives and synthetic nutrients. While these ingredients can improve the taste of products and help them last longer, they are not ideal for all diets. Some people are sensitive to certain synthetic ingredients, while others prefer to consume only natural foods, believing they are easier for the body to digest. To meet the needs of those who follow all-natural diets, some makers of fitness nutrition products offer energy, endurance and hydration solutions that are completely free of chemicals and made only from natural foods.

Bars for Boosting Energy

Natural energy bars are a convenient way to supply your body with nutrition before or after a workout. These products are often rich in protein derived from natural sources like soy or whey. Protein is very important for athletes and fitness buffs, as it is required by the body to repair strain caused to the muscle tissue during exercise. Bars are individually wrapped, making them easy to take with you to the gym to enjoy after you've finished exercising. Some bars are even designed to take the place of an entire meal, and their delicious flavors can help to curb cravings for sugary treats.

Gels and Chews for Exercise Support

When you're completing a lengthy workout, you may experience a slump in energy partway through and find that your endurance drops as a result. In these moments, energy gels and chews can help you to quickly supply your body with a source of fuel, so that you can continue to exercise. Gels and chews are designed to be very easy to use in the midst of a workout, making it possible to help boost energy and endurance without having to take a lengthy break. Natural gel and chew products typically provide easily digested carbohydrates to provide a rapid fuel source for energy production. Products may also contain protein and electrolytes, natural salts that can become depleted when you sweat profusely.

An Array of Hydration Options

As you sweat during exercise, you lose water and electrolytes through your pores. This can leave you feeling rundown, make it difficult for you to concentrate and even cause symptoms like muscle cramps. Drinking water can quench your thirst and replace lost water, but you cannot replenish your body's supply of electrolytes that may be lost during vigorous exercise through water alone. Natural hydration products are designed to treat your body to essential electrolytes and your taste buds to delicious flavors that make them a pleasure to drink.

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