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 –  When temperatures climb, you need to take steps to keep cool in order to protect your health. Motorized fans are an air care solution that can make an indoor space feel much more comfortable on hot days and that can even help regulate temperatures during the winter months. drugstore.com can help you get the perfect fan for your air care needs. We have a wide selection of freestanding, wall and ceiling fans available from all of today's most trusted brands.
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The Function of Fans

Fans are appliances that are typically powered by electricity. When they are turned on, the electricity allows a motor to run and turn a set of blades. As the blades spin, they help air circulate through a space. This keeps cold air from air conditioning from settling on the floor in the summer and hot air from the furnace from rising in the winter. On hot days, fans help to cool the body in another way as well. The moving air causes beads of sweat that collect on the skin to evaporate, which makes one feel cooler. Many people also enjoy the pleasant feeling of gently blowing air.

Ceiling Mounted Fans for Air Circulation

If you're looking for a fan that you can use throughout the year to assist with temperature regulation, a ceiling fan is an ideal choice. A ceiling fan should spin clockwise in the winter and counterclockwise in the summer to assist the furnace and air conditioner. Most ceiling fans have the ability to spin in both directions. There are other reasons why a ceiling fan may be the best choice for use in your home. If you have limited space, a ceiling fan allows you to make use of the ceiling instead of the walls, the floor or another area in your already cramped room. You may also be able to use your ceiling fan as a source of light, as many are equipped with receptacles for light bulbs.

Other Types of Fans for Homes

Ceilings fans are just one of the many types of fans available for use in a home. You can purchase freestanding oscillating fans that can be placed on any hard surface, giving you the ability to move them throughout your home as needed during the day. Tower fans are also portable, but they are usually designed for use on the floor and are larger in size than freestanding oscillating fans. Wall-mount and window fans are permanently placed in a single location in your home. Some oscillate while others are stationary. You can find window models that reverse for use in every season.

Using Fans Safely

Experts recommend that fans that require electrical wiring for mounting or hanging be installed by a professional in order to ensure safe operation. If you purchase an oscillating fan or any other type of fan that has exposed blades, keeping it out of reach of children and pets can help prevent injury. Reading the safety instructions included with your new fan and following them carefully will help you get the most out of your fan and protect yourself and your family.

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