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Faucet Mounts and Pitchers

 –  No matter how thoroughly it's treated while en route from the reservoir to your home, all tap water is going to contain at least trace amounts of chemicals. Many of these chemicals are relatively harmless, but sometimes they leave behind an undesirable taste. Here at drugstore.com, we have a wide selection of faucet mount and pitcher style water filters that can remove unwanted chemicals to improve water taste.
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PUR Water Filter Pitcher Classic, 11 Cup- 1 ea
PUR - Water Filter Pitcher Classic, 11 Cup - 1 ea
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Why Use a Water Filter?

If you are older or suffer from medical conditions, your doctor may recommend water filtration to reduce the levels of chemicals you’re exposed to. Most healthy people don't strictly need to drink filtered water, but you may still choose to opt for a filtration system if you don't like the taste of your local tap water. You should keep in mind that no traditional water filters are designed to help remove microorganisms from water. If microbes pose a threat to your water supply, you need to take further precautions such as boiling the water before use or buying bottled water.

How Do Pitcher Water Filters Work?

Though the exact technology behind pitcher style water filters varies from brand to brand, most of these products work in generally the same way. You fill a reservoir located at the top of the pitcher with unfiltered water, and then gravity forces it through a replaceable filter cartridge. The cartridge contains granular carbon or charcoal that is ground up to a sand-like consistency. As the water passes through the filter, contaminants bond with the granular compounds and get trapped within the cartridge. The water that is allowed to pass through to the pitcher carafe is much purer and may be both safer to drink and better tasting. Pitcher filters are usually able to filter out chlorine, which helps remove some of the chemical taste of tap water. They also tend to be effective at trapping metals like copper, zinc, cadmium, and mercury but aren't able to remove lead.

How Do Faucet Water Filters Work?

Faucet mount filters typically use similar technology to pitchers, except most have one key difference. Rather than granular carbon, these filters are equipped with a solid block of carbon that the water passes through before it's allowed to come out of your faucet. Since the solid carbon is more difficult for water to penetrate, faucet mounted filters tend to be more effective at removing lead from your water supply in addition to other metals. The tradeoff is that these filters can occasionally make your faucet run more slowly. As with pitcher filters, the filtration mechanism inside faucet mount filters lose efficacy over time, so make sure to stick to the replacement timetable laid out for your particular product.

Whether you are worried about taste or safety, it's easy to find the right water filter for your household when you browse our selection at drugstore.com.

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