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 –  From the bathroom mirror to the glass tabletop in the living room to the windows all around your home, glass adds to the appearance of your house, lets in the sunshine and can make rooms feel larger. At the same time, glass can make a home look dirty and uncared for if it is grimy and dirty. At drugstore.com, we have all of the cleaning products that you need to transform dirty surfaces and windows into gleaming, sparkling glass.
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How to Clean Glass in the Home

Glass is often used in decorating due to its visual appeal, and windows and glass surfaces can perform important functions in your home as well. You want to keep all types of glass looking their best, but keeping glass clean can pose many challenges. Because glass is so fragile, you must be careful about the types of tools that you use to clean it. The unique, sleek texture of glass also makes it prone to becoming spotted or streaked if the wrong types of cleaning products are used on it. As a result, the best way to deal with dirty glass in your home from your mirrors to your windows to your decorative accents is to use a cleaner made especially for glass.

Traditional Options for Cleaning Glass

Traditional glass cleaning products typically contain surfactants, ingredients that change the properties of oils and allow them to be wiped away. Unlike other types of cleaning products, glass cleaners are not designed to be rinsed with water, so their formulas are much different than what you'll find in other cleaning products. Their unique formulations allow glass cleaners to remove fingerprints, dust and films without leaving behind spots or streaks when they are used correctly.

Natural Glass Cleaning Solutions

Nowadays, many people are focused on greening their homes, which means using fewer chemicals for cleaning. The manufacturers of cleaning products have responded by offering glass cleaners that are made primarily from natural ingredients. These products typically use plant-based surfactants in place of man-made cleansing agents. You may prefer to use natural glass cleaners if someone in your home suffers from skin sensitivity or allergies, as the gentle ingredients in these products pose less risk for irritation.

How to Choose Glass Cleaning Products

There are many different types of traditional and natural glass cleaning products available on the market. Spray cleaners are the most commonly used type. These products are spritzed onto windows, mirrors and other glass surfaces and then wiped away with a cloth, a paper towel or a squeegee. Many people like liquid glass cleaners because they can easily apply more of the solution to tackle dirt that is proving to be difficult to remove. All-in-one glass cleaners are another option that is available from manufacturers. These products include pre-moistened wipes and dry microfiber cloths. Wipes are disposable cloths that have been soaked in window cleaner and are simply used to wipe away dirt. Microfiber cloths are typically used for dry cleaning. Theses reusable cloths are made up of very small fibers that pull oils and debris away from glass surfaces.

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