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Handhelds and Rechargeables

 –  Dirt doesn't just collect on your floors. It hides out on the drapes. It collects on the sofa, and it finds its way into nooks and crannies all throughout your home. Ordinary vacuums and steamers may not be able to reach all the places where dirt lurks, but drugstore.com has solutions to help you get your home completely spotless. We have a variety of handheld and rechargeable vacuums and steam cleaners available to help you bust dust wherever it lingers.
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Go Anywhere Rechargeable Cordless Vacuums

One of the biggest challenges that can come with using an ordinary vacuum is managing the cord. When you're tethered to a wall outlet, it can be difficult to reach certain areas in your home. Rechargeable cordless vacuums solve this problem and give you the freedom to remove dirt from every surface in your home as well as outside of it. These vacuum cleaners run on a battery rather than requiring electrical current from a wall outlet, making them incredibly portable and easy to maneuver. The batteries can power the vacuum for a set period of time, and when the time period is finished, you can easily recharge the vacuum to have it ready for the next use.

Handhelds for Hard to Reach Areas

When dirt gathers on areas like draperies and upholstery, an ordinary vacuum cleaner or steamer can be difficult to use for cleaning. Even canister-style designs can be bulky and awkward to maneuver, which is why the manufacturers of cleaning appliances offer small, compact solutions for cleaning. These handheld vacuums and steamers are designed to simplify cleaning surfaces off of the floor. Some even come with special attachments to help you vacuum or steam in tight places or high areas located over your head. Handheld vacuums and steamers come in both traditional electrical and rechargeable cordless models to meet your needs.

Robotic Vacuums for Simple Cleaning

Some vacuums not only eliminate cords, but they also eliminate the need for you to operate them entirely. Called robotic vacuums, these compact floor vacuums work on their own, using sensors to navigate your space. When they are turned on, they travel around the floor, picking up dirt and debris and are capable of doing so without banging into furnishings or the wall. Robotic vacuums are cordless designs and must be recharged between uses. These types of vacuums are ideal for busy people who want to simplify cleaning by automating floor care.

Accessories for Your Cleaning and Maintenance Needs

To make the most out of your rechargeable or handheld vacuum or steamer, you need to make sure to keep it well maintained. Many models require you to change their filters or bags on a regular basis, so that they continue to remove fine particulates from the surfaces in your home with ease. The owner's manual that accompanies your new vacuum or steamer will provide maintenance instructions for your cleaning appliances. Following these instructions carefully will help to ensure best results from cleaning, and you can purchase many of the accessories and parts required for maintenance here at drugstore.com.

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