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 –  The moisture content (humidity) of the air that you breathe is a critical component of your health and comfort. At drugstore.com, we carry a variety of products that increase humidity in your environment. Our products can help to clear a stuffy nose or ease the itching associated with dry skin. We stock humidifiers, vaporizers, and a number of specialty items to make it easier for you to achieve the humidity level that makes you feel most comfortable.
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Crane Adorable Ultrasonic 1 Gallon Humidifier, Cow- 1 ea
Crane - Adorable Ultrasonic 1 Gallon Humidifier, Cow - 1 ea
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How Does Humidity Affect Health?

One might say that humidity has a sweet spot. If you have too much moisture in the air, then fungus and mold can start to grow. With too little humidity, your skin can dry out and the mucous membranes in your nose and mouth may become irritated. In general, indoor humidity tends to rise in the summer and drop in the winter. As long as it stays within a range of about 40% to 60%, most people will feel comfortable. Unfortunately, running your heater can drive already low humidity levels to well below 40%. When this happens, you want to consider getting humidity levels in your environment into the target range.

Products and Solutions

At drugstore.com we offer everything from humidifiers to steam inhalers to waterless vaporizers and filters. Which product you choose will depend on your personal needs, the space you are working with, and the symptoms you wish to address. All of our products add moisture to the air, but they do so in different ways.

How Does a Humidifier Work?

Humidifiers create cool or lukewarm mist and are often used to make larger spaces more comfortable. Most people feel that the moisture that humidifiers create is easier (more comfortable) to breathe than what vaporizers produce. On the down side, humidifiers tend to be loud to operate and they require frequent cleaning.

What Is a Vaporizer?

Vaporizers create a warm or hot steam. They are most often used to relieve stuffiness and other symptoms associated with the common cold. The mist they put out is sterile, because the water is boiled, so they don't need to be cleaned as often as humidifiers. On the down side, the water in vaporizers can cause burns if spilled, the steam they product can itself cause burns, and they tend to be less comfortable for frequent use. They are generally thought to be more useful for colds, but not necessarily for daily use.

What Is a Steam Inhaler?

Inhalers are really just vaporizers that have been designed for personal use. They usually feature molded face masks, adjustable steam flow controls, and temperature regulators. They are ideal for relieving allergy symptoms, sinus conditions, and for addressing cold and flu symptoms.

Specialty Items

We also carry a variety of specialty items. Items like waterless vaporizers and scented vapor plugs find niche applications in places like closets, bathrooms, or cars. We even carry air washers, which clean (e.g. remove dust) and humidify the air in one step.

Relief Is Available

Don't suffer through the winter with itchy skin and a dry throat. Take control of your environment and the quality of the air you breathe by shopping our selection of humidifiers at drugstore.com. A little moisture can go a long way to relieving discomfort and improving your quality of life.

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