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Scrubs and Powders

 –  Sometimes the stains in your kitchen, bathroom, or around the house are so tough that the power of a multipurpose cleaner isn't enough to make a dent. In these cases, you may need to rely on a scrub or powder that can use increased friction to help you lift away dirt and grime. Here at drugstore.com, we have a wide selection of these tough cleaning products to help you get the surfaces in your home as clean as possible.
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Cleaning Counters and Cooktops

The kitchen is easily the room in your house that's most susceptible to stains, and it can also be a breeding ground for germs. It's important that you use quality products to keep your counters and cooktops clean, as well as protecting their integrity so that they last for many years. To get dried food off of your stove or out of your oven, you will usually need a strong cleanser as well as a heavy-duty sponge or scrubber. Cooktop cleaners are designed to cut through grease and food residue so that you stand a chance when you go to attack the problem.

Cleansers for Specific Finishes

Different types of counters and appliances require different types of cleansers, so you should try to find a product that is designed for your kitchen's materials. Granite countertops, for instance, will fare best when cleaned with a formula that is specifically formulated to dissolve stains without damaging the stone. Similarly, you'll find cleaning products that are perfect for wiping down and polishing stainless steel appliances without scratching their surfaces. When in doubt whether a particular cleanser is the right choice for your kitchen, it's a good idea to test it in a less visible area before moving on to cleaning more prominent surfaces.

Powders and Scrubs for the Bathroom and Tub

While stains in the kitchen tend to accumulate quickly from spills, grime in the bathroom usually builds up over time. The dirt in your bathtub, for instance, is typically caused by water stains and residue from your family taking frequent baths or showers. These sorts of stains can be more difficult to clean using a traditional cleanser, and they often require the gently abrasive power of a cleaning powder to lift away the grime. These powders can be combined with a rough sponge or even a scrub brush to penetrate dirt without damaging or scratching your bathtub's glaze. You'll also find products that are specifically designed to help target the dirty grout between tiles in the bathroom and restore these surfaces to their original color.

Toilets and bathroom sinks can also benefit from the cleaning power of scrubs and powders. From hard water stains to waste residue, a strong cleanser may be just what you need to attack the most garish bathroom stains. Just make sure to find a product that is recommended for materials like porcelain so that you don't damage these important bathroom fixtures.

Cleaning the house is a dreaded task for many people because stains can be so difficult to remove. When you use our scrubs and powders from drugstore.com, however, you'll find that getting rid of dirt and grime becomes much easier.

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