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Sleep Comfort

 – Most people need around seven to eight hours of sleep per night, according to scientific studies. Getting an optimal amount of sleep can make an enormous difference to an individual's health and happiness. From waking in a brighter mood to feeling more energetic throughout the day, the effect of an undisturbed night's slumber on your emotional and physical wellbeing can be dramatic. Some people struggle to fall asleep or remain asleep throughout the night. At drugstore.com, you will find a wide range of accessories that can help you to drift off and enjoy a full night of peaceful rest.
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Marsona - TSCi-330 Travel Sound conditioner - 1 ea
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One of the key problems that can interrupt night-time slumber is lack of comfort. Achieving the ideal sleeping position begins with identifying the most suitable pillows for your needs. From pillows containing water that mold themselves to your contours to pillows that remain chilled no matter how hot your room, you will find an enormous variety of options for head and neck support on drugstore.com. In addition, you will find pillows that provide support for other areas of the body. For example, you may find that back pain is aggravated by poor positioning of the lower body during periods of rest. A leg spacer or knee pillow can help keep your hips and spine in alignment, alleviating discomfort in the lower back.

If you like to sit up in bed, perhaps to read or watch television, you may benefit from additional lumbar support. A back cushion will help you achieve a comfortable sitting position that does not put pressure on your spine. A book rest propped at a suitable height can help to prevent stiffness in the neck and shoulders.

Achieving a sound sleep while traveling can be a particular problem for many people. The noise, bustle and bright lights they encounter on planes and trains can be disturbing. When you browse our range of sleep comfort accessories, you will find neck pillows, eye masks, cozy blankets and ear plugs designed to help travelers snooze while they are transported to their destination.

Shift workers or individuals who travel across several time zones may find they struggle to establish a regular sleeping pattern. Their bodies' biorhythms can become disrupted from trying to sleep when it is light or at unexpected times. Light therapy can help people who experience fatigue from shift working or jetlag to regulate their sleep patterns. Light therapy lamps mimic the rays of the sun, encouraging the body to become more alert as the light becomes brighter.

The ancient art of aromatherapy can prove beneficial for individuals who struggle with slumber. Pillows, eye masks and diffusers scented with lavender, chamomile or sage can help to relax the mind and soothe the senses, assisting the body and mind to fall asleep.

Many children and young people love to cuddle a favorite toy or stuffed animal as they drift off to sleep. On drugstore.com, you will find cheerful, friendly home accessories that do double-duty, combining the comfort of a toy with the practicality of a pillow or a nightlight.

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