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Steam Cleaners

 –  The process of getting your floors and other surfaces around your home truly clean is often a difficult task--especially if you want to avoid using too many harsh chemicals. Steam cleaners make this job much easier by using the vapor produced by hot water to target dirt and germs. Here at drugstore.com, we have a wide selection of steam cleaners that can be used on hard floors, carpet, furniture, and more, so that you can clean your house naturally.
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Why Use a Steam Cleaner?

One of the main benefits of cleaning with steam is that it typically doesn't require the use of any chemical cleaners to help lift out stains. Ideal for households with kids and/or pets, steam cleaners are effective at getting rid of dirt and other contaminants without leaving behind any toxic residue. Furthermore, these products are actually able to kill a number of germs that might otherwise make your family sick. Most steam cleaners get hotter than 200 degrees F, which allows them to kill most bacteria and viruses as well as small insects like dust mites. Of course, the tradeoff when using a steam cleaner is that these products get extremely hot while they are being used, so you need to exercise caution to avoid burns.

Target Dirty Floors and Other Surfaces with Steam

The most popular style of steam cleaner uses water that has been heated into steam in lieu of chemicals to help get your hardwood, tile, or laminate floors clean. These products feature a refillable water chamber and a heating element powered by electricity. As the water boils, it turns to steam, which is released out the bottom of the mop. Simply run this type of cleaner over your dirty floors, and the removable cleaning cloth will help collect dust and other contaminants while the heat of the steam kills germs. Depending on the specifications of your steam mop, the cleaning pad might be machine washable or disposable.

Steam Cleaner vs Mop

When targeting dirty surfaces that are off the floor (such as countertops, windows, sinks, shower doors, or furniture), a traditionally shaped mop won't usually do the trick. Instead, you can find appliances that are specifically designed to steam clean hard and/or soft surfaces all around your home. Cleaners for fabrics are generally equipped with brushes to help you scrub out stains while the steam addresses dried-on spills. Other steam cleaners include various attachments for you to address hard surfaces like grout, glass, and more.

Combined Power of Steam and Suction

Another type of steam cleaner is designed to help fight stains in rugs and carpets as well as tougher messes on hard floors. These products combine a steam element with a vacuum mechanism. Water is turned to steam to help kill germs and dissolve tough stains, and then the residue is sucked up by the vacuum. Many of these products can be used alone to help preserve a natural cleaning process or combined with chemicals to help target particularly hard-to-clean areas.

No matter what types of surfaces you have at home, it's easy to remove tough stains with a steam cleaner. Check out our selection of these useful products on drugstore.com today.

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