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Toilet Paper

 –  Toilet paper is one of the products that every household needs a constant supply of in order to preserve cleanliness and hygiene. For such a simple product, however, you'll find that there are actually several different factors to consider when shopping. Here at drugstore.com, we have a wide selection of toilet paper that will satisfy your preferences when it comes to softness, durability, and value. You'll also find specialty options like recycled toilet paper and flushable wipes if you prefer.
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Scott 1000 Bath Tissue- 12 ea
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Charmin Basic Toilet Paper, Double Rolls- 12 ea
Charmin - Basic Toilet Paper, Double Rolls - 12 ea
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Charmin Basic Toilet Paper Double Rolls- 6 ea
Charmin - Basic Toilet Paper Double Rolls - 6 ea
We're sorry but this item is temporarily out of stock.
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Options for Thickness

When shopping for toilet paper, you will have a choice when it comes to the number of "plies" (stacked sheets of paper) that make up your particular product. One-ply toilet paper tends to be the least expensive option. It's very thin and may require you to use more tissue at a time to prevent ripping. On the other hand, since this paper is so fine, you will typically find many more squares per roll. Two- or three-ply toilet paper consists of multiple sheets that are fused together to make the toilet paper stronger and/or softer. Though you typically won't need to use as many squares at a time with a higher-ply toilet paper, you will find fewer squares per roll.

Roll Thickness

Another option to consider when you choose toilet paper is the actual thickness of the roll. Many brands advertise double or triple rolls, which means that these products have two or three times as many squares as a standard roll. You should consider whether your toilet paper dispenser is large enough to accommodate a bigger roll as well as comparing the value of buying fewer big rolls as compared to more small rolls.

Soft vs. Strong

In recent years, a debate has sprung up between people who prefer their toilet paper to be extra soft and those who insist on the product being extra strong. Here at drugstore.com, you can find options that will suit individuals with either preference. Tissue that is manufactured to be softer can help prevent skin irritation and keep you as comfortable as possible during the wiping process. Stronger toilet paper, on the other hand, tends to have more structural integrity so that it won't shred with use. Of course, products don't have to be uniquely strong or uniquely soft, and you'll find a wide range of options that satisfy both criteria.

Flushable Wipes

Some people prefer to use moist wipes that are flushable instead of (or in addition to) traditional, dry toilet paper. These products have the added benefit that they can remove excess residue and help you feel extra clean. Many of them are also lightly scented to help prevent odor. Make sure to use caution if your plumbing relies on a septic system because not all wipes are able to dissolve well enough for temperamental pipes. Read directions carefully to ensure that the wipes you choose are safe for septic tanks.

No matter what sort of product you choose to keep yourself clean, it's easy to find the toilet paper you prefer when you browse our selection at drugstore.com.

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