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Lunette Menstrual Cup, Blue, Size 1 1 ea

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Lunette - A Menstruation Innovation
Over the past 70 years, a woman's choice for internal menstrual care has pretty much been limited to tampons.  Wouldn't you like something better, something . . . nicer?

Now there is an alternative that is healthier for our bodies, our environment and our pocketbook - the Lunette menstrual cup.  Made in Finland, the Lunette menstrual cup is an easy-to-use, safe, and clean alternative to pads and tampons.  Using a Lunette is similar to using a tampon but requires less changing.  Made of medical-grade silicone, a non-friendly environment for bacteria, menstrual cups are simply washed and reused.  Not to mention, menstrual cups create zero waste.  That's nice!

  • Easy to use
    The Lunette menstrual cup is as easy-to-use as a non-applicator tampon. Simply fold and insert.
  • Hygienic & Safe
    Lunette menstrual cup doesn’t absorb moisture like tampons or cause sweating like pads. Lunette is made of soft medical grade silicone, not of rubber latex.
  • Economical
    The average woman spends between $48 – 84 per year on disposable tampons and pads. The Lunette is a one-time cost that will last for years. That saves you a chunk of money!
  • Environmentally friendly
    A Lunette menstrual cup is an eco-thing. It will last for years and during the cup's lifespan, there will be no waste to dispose of – no accumulation of plastic applicators, wrappers or bio-waste from used tampons and pads.

What are you waiting for?  Try a healthier alternative for handling your period that will not limit you or compromise the environment.  Go out there and live your life to the fullest – all month every month!

The Lunette Cup Is:

  • Made of medical-grade silicone in Finland
  • Hypoallergenic, latex-free, odorless, and safe
  • Affordable and environmentally friendly - with proper care it will last for years
  • A sanitary and healthy alternative to disposable tampons and pads
  • Easy-to-use, practical, and comfortable. It needs to be emptied only two to four times a day and can be used overnight
  • Safe since it is not conducive to dampness, outbreaks of vaginal candidiasis, cystitis or toxic shock syndrome. In fact, TSS has not been linked to the use of menstrual cups
  • Suitable to be worn during sports and other physical activities
  • Easy to clean and disinfect between periods by boiling briefly in water or washing with rubbing alcohol
  • Designed for women of all ages and sizes
  • Also designed for women who have not yet engaged in sexual intercourse as well as those who use an IUD or contraceptive ring. However, if you are planning on using Lunette together with an IUD, we recommend discussing it with your doctor
  • Enables you to monitor your flow by providing measuring lines on the inside of the cup (5 ml and 13.5 ml in size 1, 7.5 ml and 15 ml in size 2). The lining of the cup is totally smooth and the tab is flat, making cleaning very easy
  • Not to be used during post-natal bleeding due to the risk of inflammation
  • Not disruptive to the natural lubricating ability of the vagina, nor does it dry out the vaginal mucus membrane

Made in Finland

*For hygienic reasons, once this personal care product is opened it cannot be returned.

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