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Maui Babe

 – Doctors and skin care professionals warn against the dangers of the sun. Depending on your skin type and location, it does not take a lot of unprotected time outside for problems to develop. While some skin types burn more easily than others, it is important to follow careful guidelines to protect your skin from the sun. Despite the dangers of UVA and UVB rays, it is possible to maintain a beautiful tan by using the proper tools and precautions. Spending time outdoors and achieving perfectly sun-kissed skin is within reach with Maui Babe lotions.
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Brand History

Designed by owner Joe Rossi, Maui Babe combines nourishing ingredients into a tan-enhancing formula, allowing you to achieve a deep and beautiful tan. Rossi perfected his formula through a process of trial and error. Combining baby oil, coffee, aloe, kukui nut oil, and more, he struck a perfectly balanced and effective formula to help people to build their tans. After developing the product, Rossi shared the formula with friends. These original product testers loved the formula. People find Maui Babe products a fantastic way to achieve a deep and beautiful tan.

Tanning At Its Best

If you have ever tried to get a tan at the beach or by the pool, you know that it can require a lot of patience. Many people use oils to attract the sun to their skin, improving the outcome. However, this can be risky and damaging. Maui Babe combines oil with natural ingredients that are native to Hawaii. These browning formulas help you to get the best possible results from a day in the sun. While some oils just sit on the skin's surface, Maui Babe products are designed to soak into your skin. These all-natural formulas work to enhance your tan while pampering your skin with nourishing ingredients. You will not have to spend many frustrating days on the beach to get the sun-kissed skin that you have always desired. Once you have established a tan using a Maui Babe tanning product, you can trust that your bronzed color will be long-lasting.

If you have fair skin or are worried about sunburn, consider using one of Maui Babe's SPF formulas. These products are still designed to promote a deep and beautiful tan, but your skin will benefit from protection against UVA and UVB rays at the same time. By protecting your skin while you tan, you can achieve safe and even color all over your body.

After-Sun Care

While it is important to apply the appropriate care products before heading out into the sun, it is also important to take care of your skin after a stretch of sun exposure. Maui Babe has a range of after-sun products to help enhance your natural tan. These formulas work to seal in your tan and to prevent fading. Maui Babe after-sun products include richly moisturizing ingredients, leaving you with soft and nourished skin. By incorporating an after-sun care product into your tanning routine, you can work to keep a beautiful and long-lasting tan.

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