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Allergy Eye Care

 –  When you suffer from allergies, you never know when you'll suddenly experience that uncomfortable itching, redness and watering of the eyes that can develop when you come in contact with allergens. Allergic reactions of the eyes can be disruptive and make it hard for you to continue with your day, but you can quickly address symptoms with the right allergy eye care products. At drugstore.com, we have everything you need to stay stocked up on allergy eye care essentials to help ensure you're prepared for unexpected reactions.
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How Allergies Affect the Eyes

Ever wonder what makes the eyes react to things like dust, cigarette smoke, pollen and pet dander? If you suffer from allergies, your immune system overreacts to things in the environment that don't cause problems for most people. This case of mistaken identity causes your body to respond defensively when you come in contact with an allergen.

When the allergen touches your eyes or gets too close to your eyes, your body responds by releasing chemicals to fight off the perceived danger. These chemicals include histamine, a compound that causes inflammation. Allergic reactions of the eyes generally persist for as long as you remain in contact with the allergen, and symptoms can linger for hours or even days afterward.

Antihistamines for Symptom Relief

Allergy eye drops are the most commonly used treatment for allergic reactions of the eyes. These products contain over-the-counter medications called antihistamines. When you dispense one or two drops into your eyes, the drugs go to work fighting the effects of the histamine that was released by your immune system. This can quickly alleviate the symptoms of an allergic reaction. Antihistamine medications commonly used in allergy eye drops include ketotifen and naphazoline hydrochloride. If you're not sure which drug is best for you, your doctor can suggest one.

Other Ways of Soothing Eye Allergies

Other allergy eye products may be used along with or instead of antihistamine eye drops. If you know that you came in contact with an allergen, you can use artificial tears or eye washes to flush your eyes and help rinse away any remaining particles.

Redness relief eye drops that contain drugs like pheniramine maleate can be used to address any lingering redness once allergy symptoms subside. These products reduce the size of blood vessels that have become swollen due to irritation and can rapidly lessen redness. You can also purchase homeopathic eye drops that use natural remedies to address symptoms.

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