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Arm and Elbow Braces

 –  Injuries to your arms, including the elbows and shoulders, can commonly occur as the result of an active lifestyle. Whether your healing process simply relies on rest and home care or is more extensive and requires surgery, your doctor may recommend the use of a brace or sling to immobilize or support your muscles. At drugstore.com, we offer a wide selection of elbow and arm braces so that you can follow your doctor’s advice.
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What Is Tennis Elbow?

You don't actually have to play racquet sports to suffer from the condition known as "tennis elbow." This common injury occurs when you acquire small tears in the tendons that connect the muscles in your forearm and wrist to the joint that is responsible for elbow movement.

Who Can Get Tennis Elbow?

At least half of tennis players tend to experience elbow pain, but it can also be the result of repetitive strain from common activities like gardening, playing a musical instrument, or using a screwdriver. Tennis elbow can cause pain and weakness that radiates down your arm and makes it difficult to perform even simple tasks.

What Can I Do About Tennis Elbow?

There are several different types of elbow braces available on drugstore.com that may help relieve the symptoms of tennis elbow. Some braces cover the entire joint and are designed to be worn overnight so that they prevent you from moving your elbow into painful positions.

Others are worn just below the elbow and put pressure on the affected tendons so that they relieve muscle pain as you go about your daily activities. Combined with ice, over-the-counter pain relief, and rest, many people find that bracing is all the treatment they need to relieve pesky elbow pain.

What Does an Arm Sling Do?

After an arm injury or shoulder surgery, your doctor may recommend the use of a brace or a sling to limit motion and promote healing. A sling can effectively immobilize your arm to keep your bones aligned following a fracture to your arm or wrist. These devices can also prevent the muscles in your shoulder from contracting too hard, which is important as you heal following rotator cuff surgery or shoulder replacement. Your doctor or physical therapist will show you how to put on your sling the first time you wear it, but most of these tools are designed so that you can adjust them on your own using your uninjured arm.

What Are Shoulder Braces for?

If you suffer from soreness in your shoulders and/or upper torso but haven't done damage to the joints or bones, then a shoulder brace might be able to help relieve your discomfort. These devices are worn along your upper arms, shoulders, and upper back, and they are designed to redistribute some of the weight of your arms that may be causing discomfort. They also are often made of warming material such as wool or angora, which traps your body heat and can help therapeutically relieve muscle pain.

Injuries to your arm, elbow, or shoulder can be inconvenient and extremely painful, but the support provided by a brace or sling may help relieve the discomfort and speed your healing process. Talk to your doctor about your needs and then browse the selection of elbow and arm braces at drugstore.com today.

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