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Back and Waist

 –  Due to surgeries, injuries, or other special circumstances, there may be times when your muscles and bones need a little extra help to promote healing and relieve pain. At drugstore.com, we have a wide selection of back and waist supports and braces to provide the assistance your doctor may recommend. We can help you find back braces to correct your posture, multi-functional abdominal binders, maternity support belts to help reduce back pain during pregnancy, and more.
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What is the Purpose of a Back Brace?

Your spine is composed of many bones called vertebrae that are stacked on one another. These bones must work together seamlessly to keep you upright, so it’s no wonder that this delicate balance can be easily upset. There are several different types of back braces that are designed to help relieve pain and assist posture.

Lumbar Support Back Braces

A common style of back brace is designed to provide lumbar support only. These braces can be worn if you suffer from lower back pain as a result of bad habits. They may help correct your posture by limiting the amount you are able to bend your lower back, and they may prevent you from being able to lift heavy items improperly. Lumbar back cushions can also encourage better posture while you are sitting, as they force your spine to keep its natural curvature.

What is an Abdominal Binder?

Abdominal binders are another popular style of support brace that are used by both men and women. They can have both functional and cosmetic uses, depending on your needs. When fitted correctly, an abdominal binder can have a slimming effect for overweight individuals, as it helps redistribute your weight. Many binders are also made of warming material like wool or angora, so they can help prevent your abdominal and hip areas from getting cold during the winter. On a more functional level, binders are often recommended by doctors after abdominal surgery or after giving birth in order to promote recovery.

How Does a Maternity Belt Help?

Back pain can get unbearable for some moms-to-be, especially during the last few months of pregnancy. As your baby bump grows, it can put a great deal of strain on your back muscles, but many women find pain relief using an elastic maternity support belt. Like other braces, these devices redistribute the weight of your baby so that you aren't carrying it all in one spot. They can also stabilize your hips and improve posture.

Back and waist supports and braces can help improve your quality of life in a major way by providing pain relief and helping you heal properly. Talk with your doctor and then check out the selection of products available from drugstore.com to find the support you need.

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