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Bedding Protection

 –  Incontinence can strike at any time of day or night. When these accidents occur during the nighttime hours, you might sleep through the episode, only to wake to a mess that you need to clean up. Bedding protection can help ensure that your mattress and sheets stay dry. They can also make clean-up much faster and easier. Discover the selection of bedding protection products we offer at drugstore.com.
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Purpose of Bedding Protection

Bedding protection uses highly absorbent and waterproof materials to protect linens and furniture. These products can reduce wetness overall--on both the individual as well as the mattress and bedding. Often, these products also focus on minimizing both odor and bacteria. In some cases, bedding incontinence products work to reduce accidents, especially in children.

How do Underpads Work?

Bedding protection products available at drugstore.com come in a number of styles. Some protective products are reusable, while others are disposable. Underpads are a popular option for individuals with incontinence. These products come in a range of sizes, making it simple to find an underpad that works for your bed size. These underpads can be placed on the bed with the absorbent surface facing up, which helps to minimize leaks and messes on your sheets or mattress. Underpads feature highly absorbent and comfortable padding and often include a waterproof moisture barrier, which can help to keep your bed and other surfaces dry. Disposable underpads can be easily replaced when they are wet.

Reusable underpads offer similar benefits, and these products are machine washable. Some of these underpads feature antimicrobial protection. Reusable underpads, much like their disposable counterparts, can also absorb odor and wetness and reduce damage and stains to your bedding.

Can Waterproof Sheets Help?

Waterproof sheets are another way to minimize leaks and messes following an accident. Often, these sheets consist of flannel and rubber, with the soft flannel side creating a comfortable cushion on which you sleep. The rubber is waterproof, which protects your bedding from moisture. These sheets easily slip off the bed and are machine washable.

Foam Bed Pads

Similarly, you can choose a foam bed pad, which fits conveniently over your entire mattress. This protective layer can absorb urine. If you toss and turn at night, this foam pad provides all-over protection, helping to minimize messes.

Bedwetting Alarms

Bedwetting systems work by helping to reduce the risk of accidents. These products, which are often designed for children who are struggling with bedwetting, typically use an alarm to alert the individual of leaks. The alarm is usually connected to a sensor and sounds when urination begins. This usually wakes up the individual. Over time, this system aims to train the user to wake up before urination begins.

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