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Blood Test Strips

 –  It's easier than ever to monitor your blood sugar at home. Checking your blood sugar regularly has several benefits. It gives you a better idea of how well your blood sugar is controlled and allows you to make appropriate adjustments to your diet and activity level. Plus, you can record your blood sugars and show them to your doctor. Having this information can help your doctor adjust your therapy. We offer a variety of blood test strip options at drugstore.com.
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OneTouch Verio Test Strips- 100 ea
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Wavesense Presto, Test Strips- 100 ea
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How Do Test Strips Work?

Blood glucose test strips are used with a glucose meter to test your blood sugar level. Most glucose test strips are easy to use. Simply place a drop of blood on the glucose test strip and put it into the glucose meter to be analyzed. When choosing glucose test strips, read the description carefully to make sure the strips you select will work with your glucose meter.

A variety of test strips are available for monitoring your glucose. Blood glucose test strips with a laser-etched gold layer offer exceptional accuracy and speed. Plus, they only require a tiny sample of blood. Blue test strips also require only a small amount of blood and offer accurate and precise blood glucose readings. These strips even double check the reading to make sure it's accurate.

Also available and compatible with some glucose meters are test strips that automatically set the correct code on your meter to ensure accuracy. In addition, these strips may help to minimize the potential effects of interfering medications that can reduce the accuracy of your blood glucose reading. Other glucose test strips are available that require no coding. Monitoring your blood sugar is almost pain-free these days since many of the currently-available strips require only small amounts of blood to deliver an accurate blood glucose reading.

Can I Test My Triglycerides at Home?

If you have diabetes, your doctor may recommend monitoring your triglyceride level too. With diabetes, you can have an elevated triglyceride level, especially if your blood sugar isn't well controlled. High triglyceride levels have been linked with a greater risk for heart disease, according to some studies. With triglyceride test strips, you can test your triglyceride level in the comfort of your own home and keep a record of the results to show your doctor. Knowing your triglyceride level will help your doctor make adjustments to your treatment plan.

Can I Test My Cholesterol at Home?

Most doctors recommend monitoring your cholesterol level too. Cholesterol test strips are available for self-testing at home and are compatible with some at-home analyzers as well.

The Benefits of Home Testing

Home glucose, cholesterol and triglyceride testing make it easier to monitor your health status when you have diabetes. Knowing your blood sugar and triglyceride values can help you make the appropriate lifestyle changes to better manage your diabetes. Be sure to see your doctor regularly and follow their advice on how to keep your blood sugar, cholesterol and triglycerides under control. It is important to know that the reliability of home test kits varies and the results can fluctuate. Home test kits should not take the place of tests conducted by your doctor.

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