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 –  Ouch! Bunions hurt. This common foot problem also makes it uncomfortable to wear shoes, especially high heels or those that are tight-fitting. Unfortunately, going barefoot isn't always an option. Is there a way to get relief? At drugstore.com, we're happy to offer, all in one place, a variety of products that make dealing with bunions a little easier. From bunion cushions to toe spreaders and straighteners, explore the options available for dealing with the pain and discomfort of bunions.
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What Is a Bunion?

A bunion is a deformity of the joint found at the base of the big toe. A bunion forms when this joint juts out of place, forming a bump.

Bunion Cushions

Bunion pads and cushions help protect bunions against excessive friction and pressure. As you walk, bunions rub against the inside of your shoe and cause discomfort. Bunion cushions create a layer of soft material between the bunion and the inside of your shoe. Cushions are available that stick to your foot using a special waterproof adhesive for all-day protection. Doctors often recommend bunion cushions to patients as a medication-free way to reduce friction and relieve bunion discomfort.

Nighttime Bunion Solutions

Some bunions are uncomfortable at night while you're sleeping - even when you're not wearing shoes. Special wraps, some with Velcro straps, help properly align the big toe and give it support while you sleep. Bunion splints are also available for nighttime wear. Bunion splints, like bunion wraps, keep your big toe in proper alignment while you sleep so you can snooze in comfort. Bunion wraps and splints won't cure a bunion but they can make it easier to sleep with one.

How Do Bunion Pads Work?

Bunion pads, similar to bunion cushions, offer a layer of protection between a bunion and your shoe. Some are made of very soft gel that helps absorb friction each time you walk or move your foot. Some bunion pads, cushions and shields are enriched with mineral oils that help soften calluses and dry areas on your feet.

Do Toe Spreaders Help Bunions?

Podiatrists sometimes recommend toe spreaders for people dealing with painful bunions. Toe spreaders are specially shaped to fit between your toes and separate them. In addition, they gently realign the big toe for greater comfort all day long. Toe spreaders and separators are designed to fit comfortably between your toes without taking up much space so you can still wear your favorite shoes, preferably a loose, comfortable pair.

How Do Toe Spreaders Work?

Toe spreaders are easy to use and take care of. Most can be washed and used over and over again. Toe spreaders may also prevent foot and toe problems by reducing friction caused by the toes rubbing together. Some toe separators are individual pieces, usually made of foam or gel, you place between your toes. Others consist of a single piece, often made of gel, which has a slot for each toe.

Explore Your Options

Whether you're looking for daytime or nighttime relief of bunion discomfort, drugstore.com offers a variety of solutions, many of which are recommended by podiatrists. See what's available to help relieve the discomfort of bunions.

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