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 –  While calluses certainly aren't hazardous to your health, they can cause discomfort and they can often be visible, which may pose a problem if you’re wearing sandals or going barefoot. Fortunately, calluses are also very easy to reduce at home with an array of products. Here at drugstore.com, we have several different callus care options that you can use to minimize painful pressure and also reduce the rough, dead skin that forms a callus.
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Why Do Calluses Hurt So Bad?

Since calluses are comprised of built-up layers of dead skin, large ones can actually expand the total size of your feet. When calluses get too big, they often begin to rub against the inside surfaces of your shoes, which can cause pain.

As a stopgap measure until you are able to actually reduce the callus, you can use cushioned products that adhere to the callus or the area around the callus and prevent it from absorbing the full brunt of the pressure.

How Do You Remove Calluses from Feet?

You'll find that there are several different options when it comes to foot care products you can use to remove larger calluses.

Physical callus removers such as shavers, pumice stones, and skin brushes use coarse exfoliating materials to slough away the dead skin that makes up calluses. These products are quick and relatively easy to use to reduce the thickness of a callus.

Chemical callus removers make use of active ingredients like salicylic acid to promote shedding of the dead skin. These products might be part of medicated bandages or simply applied via a gel or cream. Chemical products don't work instantly, but they will cause the layers of dead skin to peel away over time.

Using Foot Lotions and Creams

For smaller, less developed calluses, you may find that regular application of a foot lotion or cream can help soften the skin enough that the callus goes away on its own. Lotions and creams moisturize the feet to keep skin smooth and healthy. They can also be paired with gentle exfoliators such as foot scrubs or wipes to eliminate additional dead skin cells.

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