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Children's Air Care

 –  Helping your child breathe easier is a priority for every parent, but your little one may run into trouble when faced with dry air, respiratory infections, or indoor allergies. Luckily, there is a wide range of children's air care products available from us at drugstore.com that can treat the air in your tot's room. From fun humidifiers that moisturize to purifiers that target allergens, you can find just the tool you need.
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Benefits of Humidifiers

Children (and especially babies) have respiratory systems that are much more sensitive than those of adults. As a result, small changes to the level of humidity in your home--which could be due to a number of factors, including a dry climate as well as indoor heat or air conditioning--can have a major impact on your little one.

A good humidifier is one of the most valuable tools to help your child breathe easier. Not only can increasing the humidity in your tot's room reduce respiratory irritation when he or she is healthy, but it can also help fight the congestion associated with the flu, croup, or common cold. Moist air breaks up mucus in the chest, allowing your child to cough it up and expel it. It also softens the mucus plugging your little one's nose to make breathing easier.

In addition to the respiratory benefits of a kids' humidifier, using one of these products can also soften your little one's skin. If your child suffers from chapped lips or itchy skin (especially during the winter), then the added moisture in the air could be just what he or she needs to ease the irritation.

Special Humidifiers for Kids

Many of the children's air care products available from drugstore.com are specifically designed with kids in mind. A humidifier in the shape of your youngster's favorite animal makes an excellent bedside companion and allows your child to see the humidifier as a fun tool rather than a scary one. These products are optimized for kids' safety and comfort, so you can find features like auto-shut-off (which automatically turns the humidifier off when it runs out of water) and ultrasonic operation to produce a cool mist almost silently. By functioning easily and unobtrusively, the humidifier can do its job without disrupting your child's sleep.

Advantages of Air Purifiers

Another popular air care product that you may want to use for your child's benefit is an air purifier. These tools are able to eradicate some of the most common allergens and respiratory irritants that tend to bother your little one. From dust to mold to pollen to pet dander, air purifiers with HEPA filters are able to trap the particles that are often responsible for allergies and asthma flare-ups. Air purifiers are available in kid-friendly models as well, and you can easily replace filters whenever they start to lose their effectiveness.

When common respiratory problems are making it hard for your child to breathe, it can be scary as a parent. Fortunately, the air care products you can find at drugstore.com are often very effective at easing the burden so your little one starts feeling better.

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