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Cough Drops and Sore Throat

 –  Coughing and sore throats can be symptoms of many different medical concerns and illnesses, including colds, seasonal allergies and exposure to irritants in the environment. Often times, short-term coughing and soreness of the throat can be addressed successfully with the use of over-the-counter products. At drugstore.com, we have a wide selection of affordably priced over-the-counter cough and sore throat aids to help you get relief from your symptoms.
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What Are the Symptoms of Ear Infection?

Ear infections are very common in children and may occur repeatedly. Infections most commonly affect children between 6 months and 3 years of age, but they can happen to kids of any age as well as to adults. Pain and fever are the most common symptoms of an infection, and young children who are dealing with earaches due to infections may be very fussy and uncomfortable.

What Can I Do About Ear Infection?

If your child has developed symptoms of an ear infection, you should see your doctor for a diagnosis and treatment recommendations. The treatment will depend upon your child’s age as well as other factors such as the type and severity of the ear infection. Your doctor may suggest that you use an ear syringe to keep your child's ear clean. He or she may also suggest you give your little one an over-the-counter fever and pain relief product to ease discomfort. Make sure to follow your doctor's instructions carefully to help your child recover as easily as possible.

How to Remove Ear Wax

Ear wax is an important part of the anatomy of the ear. It helps to keep the skin inside of the ear canal lubricated and moist, and natural chemicals that it contains can help to fight microbes that enter the ear canal. Unfortunately, ear wax can prove problematic for children if it accumulates and causes blockages. This can lead to difficulty hearing, ringing in the ears and pain. Many parents make the mistake of trying to clean their children's ears with cotton swabs. This can actually push wax in further and pose a risk for injury. Using ear wax removal solutions and syringes is a safer choice to help alleviate your child's symptoms and practice safe ear care. Talk to your child's pediatrician about which ear wax removal solution is best for your child.

Promoting Healthy Eyes

Eye irritation can be an uncomfortable problem for children and may occur due to many different causes. Allergies, debris, cigarette smoke and environmental pollution all have the potential to irritate the eyes, causing redness, watering, itching and swelling. These symptoms can also be caused by potentially serious infections, including pink eye or conjunctivitis. If your child is suffering from eye irritation, see your doctor to determine the cause and find out which children's eye care products will be most beneficial for him or her.

Herbal and Homeopathic Remedies for Kids' Eye and Ear Concerns

For centuries, natural remedies have been used to help make children dealing with ear and eye concerns more comfortable. Manufacturers of herbal and homeopathic children's eye and ear care products make it easy for you to use these remedies at home. You can purchase herbal solutions and oral supplements that have been traditionally used for eye and ear care. Homeopathic products formulated using ratios of diluted herbs recommended in the guidelines of the 18th-century healing practice known as homeopathy are also available. While these products have not yet been proven to effectively address any specific condition, they do provide possible alternatives to medicinal interventions. To ensure your child's safety, consult a medical professional before using natural eye and ear care products.

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