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Ear Care

 –  What have you done for your ears today? Ear care is an important part of personal care, particularly if you suffer from ear pain, hearing problems or difficulties with excess wax. With the right products, you can promote ear health, ease many minor discomforts and address problems at home. drugstore.com is here to help you care for your ears with ease. We carry many of the essentials required for caring for and protecting ears, so you can conveniently shop online.
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Keeping Ears Clean

Your body naturally produces earwax to protect the delicate tissues inside your ear canal from microbes and debris. Unfortunately, that wax can build up outside your ear and detract from your appearance or inside your ear and cause hearing problems and discomfort. Your doctor may suggested that you use cotton swabs to gently remove visible earwax and dirt from the outside of your ear, but experts caution against sticking swabs inside the ear canal, as this is known to have caused irritation or injury. To address internal wax buildup, you can purchase specially designed wax removal products. These include tools for sucking wax out of the ear and peroxide drops that loosen wax. Some people prefer to use an alternative process called ear candling to address wax buildup, and there are candle kits that can be purchased for performing the process at home.

Addressing Ear Care Concerns

If you suffer from an ear care concern, there are products that you can use to get relief at home. Ear drying kits contain alcohol-based solutions that help to remove built-up water in the ear canal that causes hearing problems and pressure. For ear pain caused by colds and other minor concerns, there are homeopathic and natural ear drops available. You can also find natural products for addressing ringing of the ears caused by tinnitus and other medical concerns. Although you can purchase ear drops and ear drying kits without a doctor's prescription, it's wise to consult your doctor before using any type of natural or over-the-counter product for ear care.

Protecting Hearing

Experts recommend using hearing protection whenever you're exposed to loud noise in order to reduce your risk of hearing loss. Ear plugs and ear muffs are designed to reduce the risk of damage due to loud noises and come in many sizes and styles to suit your needs. Waterproof ear plugs are available to keep water out of the ears when you're swimming or showering to lower the likelihood of ear infections and discomfort.

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