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Ear Plugs

 –  You may be able to wake up refreshed and rested after a night of uninterrupted sleep with the help of a pair of comfortable, effective ear plugs found at drugstore.com. At home or traveling, the right choice of ear plugs can filter out distracting background sounds, even the noise of a snoring partner. We feature ear plugs that come in a variety of styles and materials to help provide a comfortable, simple way to enjoy a good night's rest.
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Hearos Xtreme Protection Ear Plugs- 28 pr
Hearos - Xtreme Protection Ear Plugs - 28 pr
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Ear Plug Options

There is a broad range of ear plug styles and sizes available, made from soft foam or hypoallergenic latex-free silicone. From adult sizes to smaller ear plugs made just for children, it's easy to find just the right fit for comfort while sleeping. Keep in mind that the shape of the ear canal can change while lying down and moving on the pillow at night.

What is Noise Reduction Rating?

Ear plugs also vary in their noise reduction rating (NRR), a measure of how effectively they filter out sound. Ear plugs with the right level NRR can make the difference in noisy or distracting situations, providing peace and hearing protection. Some styles, designed for longer wearing times - such as throughout the night - are even fitted with filters, to help equalize the air pressure in the ear canal. This may help to reduce the risk of damage to the ear drum. The large selection of ear plugs allows anyone facing noise challenges to find a design that fits their specific requirements.

The Importance of a Proper Fit

A good fit is an important part of making ear plugs safe. Everyone's ears are different, so ear plugs should be selected to be comfortably snug when placed in the outer ear canal, but not too tight. This avoids pressure on the ear canal while still effectively filtering out ambient noise, whether it's traffic noise, music or snoring. Made from soft foam or hypoallergenic, latex-free silicone, these doctor-recommended ear plugs are designed not to irritate or damage the delicate tissues of the ear canal.

The right fit for ear plugs will also avoid pushing ear wax and other debris against the ear drum. Correctly fitted ear plugs also avoid increasing air pressure against the ear drums, which can cause discomfort or pain and possible damage to those important structures.

Why Wear Ear Plugs?

Ear plugs offer an easy, comfortable way to get a good night's sleep, even through the sound of snoring. They can also be handy to have available even when awake to protect ears from hearing loss when exposed to loud noises. Power tools, lawn mowers, music concerts are all potential sources of noise that can damage hearing. Ear plugs with the right NRR level offer protection against most loud noises that can cause hearing loss. They can also be useful for keeping the ear canal dry when swimming.

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