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Eye Care

 –  Eye care has a big impact on your vision, your comfort and even your personal appearance. Having the right products at home to help you care for your eyes, keep your contact lenses in good condition and maintain your eyeglasses can help you see, feel and look your best. drugstore.com makes stocking up on eye care essentials easy. We carry everything that you need for eye care and will ship your order right to your home to spare you a trip to the store.
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Soothing Dry Eyes

Chronic eye dryness is a very common eye care problem that can develop due to medical conditions, prescription drugs, inadequate tear production and other causes. If you suffer from dry eyes, your vision may be blurry, your eyes may become red during the day, and you may often feel discomfort like something is stuck in your eyes.

Fortunately, it's usually possible to care for dry eyes at home simply by using eye care products. Eye drops for dry eyes lubricate the eyes and can supplement your natural tears. If you're not sure whether or not you suffer from dry eyes or aren't sure which dry eye product is right for you, your doctor can help you decide.

Fighting Redness of All Kinds

Eye irritation can strike without warning, leaving you with eyes that are red and potentially itchy or watery. When these symptoms strike, you can often deal with them with the help of over-the-counter eye drops. For red, itchy and watery eyes due to allergies, you can use an antihistamine eye drop. These products fight the chemical that is released during allergic reactions to alleviate symptoms.

Red eye relief products can be used for many other types of redness. These products contain ingredients that cause the blood vessels in the eyes to narrow, making them less visible and minimizing redness. If you're not sure what's causing the redness you're experiencing, it's important to talk to your doctor before self-treating with eye drops.

Contact Lens Care

Contact lenses can help you see the world more clearly, but only if you care for them the way your eye doctor recommends. Most contact lenses require daily cleaning with either a contact lens cleaning solution or a multipurpose solution.

When it's time to store your lenses for the night, you'll need a solution and a case to keep them protected and moist. You may also need to perform regular enzymatic cleaning or other deep cleaning treatments to keep your contact lenses free of build-up. An eye doctor can advise you as to which contact lens care products are the right ones to help you keep your lenses in the best condition.

Solutions for Eyeglass Wearers

Like contacts, eyeglasses need regular cleaning. You can purchase cleaning cloths, spray cleaners or wipes to make the cleaning process quick and easy. If you're in need of new glasses for reading or have recently discovered that you now need to buy your first pair of reading glasses, you can purchase the eyeglass care products you need here at drugstore.com.

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