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Eye Drops and Ointments

 –  It doesn't matter if they're itchy, red or swollen; when your eyes are irritated, it's hard to get through your day. Fortunately, many types of irritation and discomfort can be relieved with just a drop or two of the right product. Stocking up on essential eye drops and ointments that are made to meet your eye care needs can help you ensure you're prepared for when irritation strikes. At drugstore.com, we make shopping simple with products for a variety of concerns.
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Soothe Allergy Symptoms

Allergies are a common problem that can occur seasonally or year-round. Many allergy sufferers experience eye symptoms during flare-ups and develop redness, itching, swelling and watery discharge when exposed to allergens. Allergy relief eye drops are formulated to temporarily alleviate these symptoms. The drops contain over-the-counter antihistamine medications like ketotifen and pheniramine maleate. When you administer them, the drugs interfere with the immune system chemical called histamine that causes allergy symptoms.

Typically, eye symptoms begin to improve quickly after using the drops. If you take oral medications for allergies or are unsure if your symptoms are being caused by eye allergies, it's important to talk to your doctor before using antihistamine allergy relief eye drops.

How to Reduce Eye Redness

Your eyes can grow red due to many causes from sun exposure to dust to temporary dryness to the use of certain medications. No matter what triggers it, redness occurs when the blood vessels along the whites of the eyes swell and grow large enough to become visible.

Redness relief eye drops help lessen redness in bloodshot eyes with the use of over-the-counter drugs like naphazoline hydrochloride. These medications cause the blood vessels in the eyes to decrease in size and become less prominent. Keep in mind that redness relief eye drops should not be overused and won't address any underlying cause of redness; these drops simply alleviate the symptom. This makes it important to see a doctor if you have chronic redness or redness accompanied by other eye symptoms.

What Is Dry Eye?

Many people suffer from chronic dry eyes, a condition that occurs when the eyes don't manufacture enough tears or they produce low-quality tears.

What Causes Dry Eyes?

A number of problems can contribute to dry eyes, so experts typically recommend that you see a doctor for the condition before trying to address it on your own.

What to Do for Dry Eyes?

Typically, chronic dryness of the eyes not caused by an underlying medical condition is managed through the use of over-the-counter products. For severe dryness, eye doctors may recommend lubricating eye gels and ointments. These thick products provide ample lubrication to quickly replenish the eyes' supply of moisture and soothe symptoms of dry eyes like itching, blurred vision and scratchiness.

Enhance Your Natural Tears

Mild to moderate cases of dry eyes are often addressed with artificial tears, a type of eye drop made especially to increase the eyes' supply of moisture. There are two types of artificial tears available: single and multi-dose.

Unit or single-dose artificial tears are preservative free and come in small vials that you open, empty into your eyes and throw away. Multi-dose formulas are packaged in bottles that are similar to other eye drops. The bottles are reused again and again until they are empty. Your eye doctor can help you decide which type is right for you.

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