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Fertility Tests

 –  The decision to start a family or have another child is an exciting one, and you want to make sure that conception is a positive experience for both you and your partner. Using fertility tests may help give you a better idea as to when the time is right to try to conceive. This may help increase your chances of conception. At drugstore.com, we have many fertility tests available to meet your needs.
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How Does an Ovulation Kit Work?

The most commonly used type of fertility test is the ovulation test or ovulation stick. This type of fertility test measures the amount of a female hormone called the luteinizing hormone or LH. During a woman's menstrual cycle, LH levels rise to signal to the body that it is time to release an egg from the ovaries. Most ovulation tests measure the amount of LH present in a woman's urine and provide either a positive or negative result. A positive result means that ovulation is likely to occur within the time specified on the packaging, most often within 24 to 36 hours of when the test was conducted. Many ovulation tests come with several sticks, so that women can test numerous times.

What Predicts Fertility?

Fertility predictors are another option for women who wish to determine when the best time would be to try and get pregnant. Unlike ovulation sticks, which are used once and then thrown away, fertility predictors are typically used for at least one month. Some predictors are hand-held electronic devices that come with urine testing strips. With this type of fertility predictor, you urinate on a testing strip each day and then insert it into the monitor.

The monitor then detects whether or not LH is present in the sample and displays the results on the screen. You can also find fertility predictors that are worn on the wrist and that look similar to a watch. Instead of monitoring LH levels in urine, these predictors measure a chlorine ion surge that occurs in the body before the release of an egg or monitors a woman's body temperature to help predict when ovulation will occur.

How to Test Male Fertility

When couples struggle to get pregnant, they often wonder if infertility issues are to blame. Fertility tests for men are designed to help identify potential problems that could make it difficult for conception to occur. These tests measure the number of sperm present in a man's semen and then provide a reading of positive or negative. A positive test result may indicate that a man's sperm count is within normal levels, while a negative test results may mean that the sperm count could be low.

Things to Remember When Using Fertility Tests

Keep in mind that no fertility test is 100 percent accurate, and they can only work properly when used correctly. Be sure to carefully follow the instructions included with the product for best results. Many factors can contribute to infertility and whether or not conception occurs during intercourse. If you are having trouble getting pregnant even with the help of fertility tests, discuss your concerns with your physician.

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