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 –  Not quite as regular as you'd like to be? Many people experience problems with constipation at some point in their lives. Small changes in diet and over-the-counter products can often be effective at promoting regularity and getting healthy digestion back on track. If your doctor has recommended that you use a fiber supplement or a fiber laxative to address constipation, drugstore.com can help you follow that advice. We have a wide range of fiber products available to ship to your door.
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Why Do I Need Fiber?

Fiber is found naturally in many foods and plays an important role in digestive health. Unlike other nutrients that are absorbed by your body, fiber cannot be digested. When you consume fiber, the carbohydrate passes through your body and ends up in your intestines, where it is used to create the bulk of your stool.

Many adults develop constipation simply because they don't get enough grams of dietary fiber from the foods that they eat. In other cases, increasing fiber intake with a supplement can help ease constipation even if it is not caused by a fiber deficiency.

Which Kind of Fiber Makes You Poop?

There are two classes of fiber supplements that can be used as laxatives: bulk forming and stimulant.

Bulk-forming laxatives are the type most commonly recommended by doctors and may be taken daily to promote regularity or periodically to address constipation when it strikes. These fiber products supply bulk for the stool, making it softer and more comfortable to pass. Methylcellulose, psyllium and polycarbophil are the most popular bulk-forming laxatives.

The stimulant laxative senna is also a naturally-occurring fiber, but it has a more powerful effect on the body. A senna stimulant laxative causes the colon to contract and squeeze out the stool. Typically, stimulant laxatives are only recommended for occasional use to alleviate constipation when other products haven't worked.

Which Kind of Fiber is the Best?

If your doctor has recommended a bulk-forming fiber laxative for daily or occasional use, you have many options from which to choose. Tablets, capsules and gummies can be taken daily like a vitamin for quick and simple supplementation. You can also purchase powdered mixes that can be added to water, juice or smoothies to get a daily dose of fiber. These products come in both flavored and unflavored varieties.

Ready-made fiber shot liquids and bottled drinks are offered by some brands for sipping on the go. To choose the perfect option, look for one that contains the type of fiber that your doctor recommends and that comes in a form you prefer.

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