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Flavored Condoms

 –  You want every experience with your partner to be pleasurable for you both, but ensuring that you practice safe sex is equally important to protecting your health and well-being. The key to having a healthy sex life is finding solutions to help you enjoy intercourse as safely as possible. Flavored condoms are an ideal choice for practicing safe sex, and you'll find many options while browsing our selection at drugstore.com.
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Is Oral Sex Safe?

Oral intercourse can be intensely pleasurable and exciting for both the giving and receiving partner, but many people underestimate the risks involved with this form of intimacy. Because oral sex does not lead to pregnancy, many couples do not use protection during this type of intercourse. As a result, they leave themselves vulnerable to transmitting certain sexually transmitted infections or STIs. Herpes, gonorrhea, HPV, syphilis and HIV can all be spread during oral intercourse, as bodily fluids are still exchanged. While the risk of contracting an STI through oral intercourse may be lower than the risks associated with anal and vaginal intercourse, couples must still take steps to protect themselves.

Should I Use a Condom For Oral Sex?

Male condoms are highly effective at preventing the spread of STIs during all types of intercourse when used routinely and correctly; however, many couples do not like to use traditional latex or non-latex condoms during oral sex performed on a male partner. This is often because the materials from which male condoms are made can have a very unpleasant taste whether they are lubricated or unlubricated.

What Is a Flavored Condom?

Flavored condoms are a type of male condom that is coated with a water-based lubricant that contains special flavoring agents. When a man wears a flavored condom while receiving oral sex, both he and his partner receive protection from STIs, and the partner performing the intercourse can better enjoy the experience due to the appealing taste. Keep in mind that flavored condoms are only effective at preventing the spread of STIs during oral sex performed on a male partner. Dental dams should be used when performing oral sex on a female partner.

Other Benefits of Flavored Condoms

Specialty flavored condoms are not just beneficial for oral sex. You can use flavored condoms for any type of intercourse. When used properly, flavored condoms are 97 percent effective at preventing pregnancy, just like traditional latex and non-latex male condoms. Using flavored condoms can allow you to enjoy oral intercourse as a form of foreplay and then engage in vaginal or anal intercourse. Also, flavored condoms generally leave behind a more pleasant taste if kissing or oral pleasuring occurs following sex when the condom was used as a method of birth control.

How to Choose a Condom

When deciding which flavored condoms to purchase, the first thing that you should consider is size. In order for a condom to be effective, it must fit properly, so only purchase a product that is adequately proportioned for your needs. You may also want to compare the actual flavors of the condoms, as there are different varieties available. Some flavored condoms are sold in multi-packs with other types of condoms. Choosing these packs is a great way to experiment safely with your partner.

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