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Foot and Wound Care

 –  Every year, many people with diabetes develop potentially dangerous complications that affect the feet. Poor wound healing and foot-related problems associated with diabetes can put you at risk for amputations and life-threatening infections, making it important that you practice good foot and wound care. At drugstore.com, we make promoting healthy feet and wound healing easy for diabetics with a range of foot and wound care products.
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What Causes Diabetic Foot Sores?

If you have diabetes, blood sugar or blood glucose levels in your body may be elevated due to a lack of a hormone called insulin or your body's inability to properly respond to insulin. When you have too much glucose in your blood stream, circulation can be negatively affected and blood flow to the extremities is greatly reduced. This makes it difficult for the immune system to properly heal wounds, particularly when they occur on the feet. The potential for foot problems with diabetes is worsened due to nerve damage that often occurs due to high blood glucose levels. Nerve damage can make it hard for you to sense pain in your feet, which could lead to you overlooking an injury or wound on your foot. If an open wound does occur, your body's inability to heal the wound could leave you vulnerable to serious infection.

How to Care for Your Feet with Diabetes

Because the repercussions of foot problems can be so severe for diabetics, practicing good foot care on a daily basis is of the utmost importance to your health. Doctors often recommend the following practices for their patients:
  • Inspect your feet every day and apply a moisturizing foot cream for diabetics to help keep the tissue hydrated and skin free of cracks. Do not put lotion or cream between your toes.
  • Consider protective inserts in your shoes and toe and heel cushions to help prevent blisters from forming.
  • If you do develop any type of injury or skin irritation on one of your feet, contact your doctor. He or she can recommend which over-the-counter products or medicinal interventions will help you to address the problem.

Proper Wound Care for Diabetics

Wounds that occur on any part of your body may be slow to heal if you have diabetes. If you do develop a minor cut or scrape, doctors usually advise their patients to clean the wound thoroughly with an antiseptic. Apply a diabetic wound cream as directed by the packaging or your physician to promote healing. Cover the wound with a light gauze and keep pressure off the area. Clean the wound daily using a wound dressing or bandage. In the event that the wound does not show signs of healing within a few days, contact your doctor. Wounds that are more severe should be assessed by a physician.

The Importance of Blood Sugar Control

You can greatly reduce your risk of foot-related complications from diabetes by keeping your blood sugar levels under control. This makes following a healthy diet, using insulin or other medications, exercising regularly and monitoring your blood sugar levels of the utmost importance to protecting your feet. At drugstore.com, we have many diabetic management products to help you get your blood sugar levels under control and then keep them there to protect your feet and your overall health.

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