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Foot Care

 –  Your feet can suffer from a number of problems that can get in your way of feeling your best every day. Although symptoms like pain, itching and changes in skin texture can be uncomfortable, annoying and unsightly, getting relief is often easy when you have the right first aid solutions available at home. At drugstore.com, we make stocking up on the foot care products that your doctor or health care provider recommends simple with a huge selection of first aid solutions for the feet.
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Neutrogena Norwegian Formula Foot Creme- 2 oz
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What Causes Foot Fungus?

Your feet spend most of the day inside of socks and shoes where it's dark and warm and conditions can often become damp. This creates the optimal environment for fungus to grow, making infections of the skin and nails very common.

What Are the Symptoms of Foot Fungus?

Tinea pedis, commonly known as athlete's foot, can produce symptoms of itching and burning, while fungal toenail infections can make your toenails turn yellow, become brittle and flake or break.

How to Treat Fungal Infections

Antifungal first aid products can help to clear up infections. These products contain over-the-counter medications that kill fungus and come in creams, powders, sprays and ointments for the feet and in brush-on and cream forms for the toenails.

Caring for Warts, Calluses and Corns

Many people develop different types of growths or imperfections on their feet. Warts occur when viruses infect the skin, while calluses and corns develop due to friction on the skin.

Although warts, calluses and corns look very different from one another, they are all often treated with topical products that contain varying strengths of salicylic acid. This substance helps to lift away skin from the wart, callus or corn.

Salicylic acid products come in liquid forms as well as in creams and medicated bandages. There are also other remedies available for each type of foot care problem, including shavers for removing callused skin and freezing products for wart removal.

Keeping Your Feet Comfortable

With the right foot care products, you can greatly reduce your risk of developing many different foot care concerns and keep your feet feeling comfortable throughout the day. Comfort insoles can be used to reduce strain on the bottoms of your feet, while comfort pads can be worn inside of your shoes to cut down on friction. Heel and arch supports can be used to keep your foot properly supported and aligned during the day. You can also purchase foot massagers to alleviate soreness and promote circulation to your feet.

Solutions for Special Needs

If you suffer from certain foot care problems or medical conditions, your doctor may recommend that you use specific products on a regular basis to keep your feet in the best of health.

Diabetic care products help to keep the skin of the feet healthy to reduce the risk of serious infections or slow-healing wounds that can cause severe health complications.

Medical hosiery can be used to increase circulation to the feet to reduce swelling and other symptoms. Bunion care products can be used to reposition the big toe and diminish rubbing against a bunion.

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